Thursday, October 20, 2011

papa kit's marina and fishing lagoon, liloan

much have already been said, raved, blogged, posted all over facebook etc. about papa kit’s. i was so behind everyone else till i persuaded my family to drop by here while on our way home. i didn’t know exactly where it was. all i knew was that it can be accessed from the road that forks from the national highway where a mini replica of the liloan’s lighthouse stands. but we were not coming from the national highway but instead, we made a detour through the cansaga bridge from mandaue city which is a better alternative to the conventional albeit narrow thoroughfare in consolacion – liloan route.

i was ready to let go of my hope of finding papa kit’s when we were already nearing to the end of the road that merges the national highway in liloan. however, just before we completely lost our lunch, we then saw the papa kit’s tarpaulin right after we crossed the last bridge prior to the national highway. it promised that papa kit’s is merely 200 meters away but we still slightly panicked for we thought that we needed to go back an ordeal of 200 meters! good thing though, my mother saw in time the arrow sign at the opposite side of the road that would finally lead us to our lunch. we liked to heed to our growling stomachs after all.

we didn't go for the restaurant nearest to the entrance because it was already crowded with families who also went there for some bonding during that weekend. we even saw few people and kids alike who looked ecstatic with their fishing rods! but our stomachs won't certainly make it if we still had to fish.

so, off we go to the last restaurant which is near to papa kit's 800-meter zipline. it is situated farthest from the mainland which i think on a reclaimed land. or maybe, it originally had some patch of land here and there and later, incredibly formed by bringing in more soil, granite and other slabs of materials (not that i really know what should be on a reclamation).

anyway, we then appeased ourselves with the following.

the prices are reasonable though the food was not something i call great. the ambience compensated for everything because somehow, the sea breeze surges one's appetite for that satisfying meal.

and one note on the tinola, if you want not the sour type, be sure to clearly ask since what we had was more of the sinigang type which is supposed to be the sour counterpart. they specifically have the two in the menu after all.

Papa Kit's Food and Drinks Menu

papa kit's is a good weekend destination for families, friends or even the lovers with a number of activities to enjoy, like fishing, ziplining, horse back-riding among others. but what makes an experience truly unforgettable is definitely the company of good people. :)


Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon
Silot Bay, Liloan, Cebu
Entrance Fee: Php100 (Fully Consumable)


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