Sunday, September 18, 2011

itinerary: singapore and kuala lumpur

i've been MIA for a month! it's not the going out of the country for 4 days that took much of my time. really, it's the lack of enthusiasm to write for i don't know what to write to begin with. it must also be my work or the decisions that i recently did in my life. my parents are still digesting the absurdity of these decisions and they surely know that eventually, i will be afflicting chaotic drama upon myself. but maybe, all these are perfectly rolled into a giant ball that took me away to a drifting non-sense. 

i just hope i won't go on a hiatus for more than a month (fingers crossed!).

with that aside, here's my singapore - kuala lumpur itinerary for 4 days. 3 days in singapore and 1 day in kuala lumpur. i was actually slacking when i made this one because i was too afraid for the likelihood of a disappointment of not having my leaves approved. the worker slave that i am.

Day 0: 08-Sep-2011, Thursday
17:00 Head to Mactan International Airport
18:00 Check-in, Immigration Terminal Fee - 550Php, Airport Travel Tax - 1620Php
19:55 ETD Singapore
23:35 ETA Singapore, Changi Airport
        Immigration, Get Maps – Your Essential Singapore Guide
        Take the shuttle service that goes to Terminal 2 Basement from Budget Terminal

Day 1: 09-Sep-2011, Friday
06:00 Breakfast in Terminal 2 (Burger King? McDonalds?)
        Buy EZ link card in MRT station at the airport.
08:30 Head to The Hive in Boon Keng
10:00 Leave excess luggage in The Hive. S$150 for 3 nights stay.
10:30 By MRT Boon Keng (NE) → Outram Park (EW)→ Tanjong Pagar
Singapore Chinatown Walking Tour: Multi-religious Telok Ayer Street
Walk along Telok Ayer Street
Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church
Al-Abrar Mosque
Thian Hock Kheng Temple
Nagore Durgha Shrine
12:30 Lunch at Maxwell Road Food Centre
14:00 Chinatown
15:00 Head back to The Hive by MRT Chinatown (NE) → Boon Keng (NE)
        Check-in. Freshen up. Whatever things.
17:00 By MRT Boon Keng (NE) → Dhoby Gaut (NS)→ City Hall
Sight-Seeing at Night
Merlion Park
Raffles Landing Site
Helix Bridge
Marina Bay Sands
Dinner at Makansutra Gluttons Bay

Day 2: 10-Sep-2011, Saturday
07:00 Wake-up, Prepare, Bfast @ TheHive for free
08:30 Head to Sentosa
        By MRT Boon Keng (NE) → Harbourfront (NE)
        From VivoCity Shopping Mall, take the Sentosa Boardwalk
Imbiah Lookout
- Skyline Luge - Luge & Skyride
- The Merlion
- Images of Singapore
- Singapore Cable Car
Siloso Point
- Fort Siloso
        - Underwater World Singapore and Dolphin Lagoon
- Songs of the Sea
- Crane Dance, Lake of Dreams 9.30pm daily Free Admission
22:00  Head back to The Hive
  By Harbourfront (NE)  → MRT Boon Keng (NE)

Day 3: 11-Sep-2011, Sunday
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Day 4: 12-Sep-2011, Monday
Universal Studios Singapore

Day 5: 13-Sep-2011, Tuesday
Petronas Towers, KL
Home :)

it's pretty obvious on how i put much effort on days 1 & 2 and entrusted everything on instinct the rest of the days. in our actual trip, i never bothered to glance even just once on my printed itinerary. anyway, i had it everything in mind and my memory works brilliantly in times such as this. :)

itineraries are just guides to give you an idea but following it hard core may not give you surprises along the way.

to be honest, if i would have to reflect what we (brother and I) actually did in the itinerary above, it would mean i'll be crashing out most of the plans and putting web-like re-scheduling arrows of most activities. well for one, we only stayed for 1 night in the hive and we then crashed in our cousins' apartment for the rest of the days. so yayy!

more of singapura up next...


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