Sunday, September 18, 2011

itinerary: singapore and kuala lumpur

i've been MIA for a month! it's not the going out of the country for 4 days that took much of my time. really, it's the lack of enthusiasm to write for i don't know what to write to begin with. it must also be my work or the decisions that i recently did in my life. my parents are still digesting the absurdity of these decisions and they surely know that eventually, i will be afflicting chaotic drama upon myself. but maybe, all these are perfectly rolled into a giant ball that took me away to a drifting non-sense. 

i just hope i won't go on a hiatus for more than a month (fingers crossed!).

with that aside, here's my singapore - kuala lumpur itinerary for 4 days. 3 days in singapore and 1 day in kuala lumpur. i was actually slacking when i made this one because i was too afraid for the likelihood of a disappointment of not having my leaves approved. the worker slave that i am.