Wednesday, August 10, 2011

chosun galbi korean restaurant

in the recent years, i have witnessed the exodus of korean nationals to cebu, all with a common goal which is to learn the english language. i don't know if there are other things in their mind besides that, for hitting to the beach may just be a by-line thing. if i could be a student in another country, i would definitely be doing the same, exploring the country while i engross myself with my learning which i don't foresee happening in the near future, not even in a decade to come. :P

however, most of these korean nationals may not see themselves staying in this tropical island for good. they'll eventually be back in south korea, sun-kissed and of course, beaming with confidence in their own twang of the english language.

before they get too homesick that the lonesome ones may instantly fly back to their country in just a short while, business-minded cebuanos (even koreans included) rightfully decided to bring some korean taste to cebu. with this very lucrative idea, korean establishments then spring up like wildfire in cebu, from hair salons, spas and definitely, restaurants!

surely, i have told myself to try dining in a korean restaurant even just once but this has not come into reality until recently when people from work decided for this korean restaurant located just in front of IT park.

this place is called chosun galbi and i don't know what that means. you can look it up though and you can just share what you will find to me. :)

i don't have a lot of pictures to boot since i was too shy to go on a shutter spree. i even only had 3 shots which were in clearly wrong angles. one is unfortunately out of focus so i'm left with just 2. please bear with me. i always retreat back to my shell in the company of new people.

i hope i'll narrate my experience descriptive enough and make this post worthy of your time. if i remember it correctly, there are no low tables wherein you need to typically squat around it like in wakamatsu. heck, that is a japanese tabehoudai! i must be out of my mind right now to compare the two. 

as expected, when we went inside the restaurant, few korean nationals were already there. for a second, it did make me feel i was in korea minus the filipina waitresses in skimpy tight skirts.

place. the marble tables and the dominant cream color made me feel like i was inside a church. i still have to go to another korean restaurant if this kind of setup also holds true. well, the place is huge with a lot of tables spread out in the entire area. most of them are near the door and a few in discreet corners. there are also around three? tables which are enclosed for a more private setting, like small dinner parties. when placing your orders in this enclosed setup, you only have to press a buzzer near the door and after a while, a waitress will then come strutting towards your table. we were amazed with our waitress since she never took down our orders but she simply put everything in her memory (wish i could do the same!) and to think, we ordered quite a lot. she was the one who grilled for us while we started digging in the food.

food. i love the taste of the grilled meat and for the first time, i had tried it wrapped in a lettuce leaf! i have a penchant for vegetables so i was happily munching on the raw leaves and the complementing texture of the grilled meat rolled inside it. i didn't catch the names of the dishes that we ordered because i was too fascinated with everything in our table, from the numerous side dishes that crowded the table and to the smokeless grill. that explains why they don't have a pipe suspended on top of the table but instead, they have the ingenious smokeless grill that takes care of the irritating smoke. there's some sort of a vacuum around the grill that sucks in the smoke before it even dissipates to the air.

price. it was i think above average. i did a quick browse through the menu in an attempt to suggest an order but somehow failed after seeing heaps of circles in the names of the dishes. am i too weird to think that korean characters are made up of a lot of circles? with regards on the price, what i mean with above average is that for a typical employee, it won't be on a daily or weekend basis but it can be a pay day affair.

i'm looking forward for my next sashay to a korean restaurant. hopefully, for better pictures and more closely on the food.


Chosun Galbi
Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City
In front of IT Park gate (Nearest to Metrosports)

For pictures, openrice has an entry for Chosun Galbi here.


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