Thursday, August 18, 2011

my travel notes: camotes islands, cebu

i hail from the north of cebu but it's a shame that i've only been to camotes just last year. as i was growing up, the sea was considered a great threat to us. my siblings and i were never allowed to swim farther than 2 meters from the safe shoreline. for the nth time that we hit to the beach, i never got to learn to swim. :( i know, it's tragic.

i remember an ojii-san (old man) i met in japan who was utterly surprised when i told him that i can't swim. he knew that i'm from cebu and cebu for them connotes a perfect setting of a tropical get-away, the sun and the turquoise sea with the powdery white sands along the shore. how could i not possibly learn to swim?

he then shared to me one of life's lessons that i should teach to my children (gosh, it's a long shot from now!) the basic things when they're young for in this phase, they're able to learn quickly like riding a bike and of course, swimming! it's a wisdom that i keep with me until such time that i can actually and possibly do it.

even for my lack of talent in swimming, it doesn't stop me from taking a dip in knee-depth waters and i sometimes even braved to the great depths! after all, what's the use of life vests? :P

and here's my take in camotes.

Santiago Bay Garden Resort, Camotes, Cebu

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

chosun galbi korean restaurant

in the recent years, i have witnessed the exodus of korean nationals to cebu, all with a common goal which is to learn the english language. i don't know if there are other things in their mind besides that, for hitting to the beach may just be a by-line thing. if i could be a student in another country, i would definitely be doing the same, exploring the country while i engross myself with my learning which i don't foresee happening in the near future, not even in a decade to come. :P

however, most of these korean nationals may not see themselves staying in this tropical island for good. they'll eventually be back in south korea, sun-kissed and of course, beaming with confidence in their own twang of the english language.

before they get too homesick that the lonesome ones may instantly fly back to their country in just a short while, business-minded cebuanos (even koreans included) rightfully decided to bring some korean taste to cebu. with this very lucrative idea, korean establishments then spring up like wildfire in cebu, from hair salons, spas and definitely, restaurants!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

my hometown series: getting there

my blog takes on a crawling speed which either means that i'm currently swamped with work or i'm just idling for the lack of things to write. the two somehow correlate at some point because the more i'm engulfed with work, the less chances i have to break free from my mundane routine. hence, no new things to talk or write rather, as i technically put it.

picking up where i left off with my hometown series, somehow i can still hit the ground running. a one month of interval for a series is one of the lousiest things that i can ever do for this blog. time flies so fast that when i looked at the date of my kick-off post, it's already a month old! boo!

before i lose into an endless and futile berating of thy self, let me tell you now on how to get to tabogon, cebu.