Thursday, July 14, 2011

something fishy in cojordan

one fine saturday, i and the team that had newly found me went on a short trip to consolacion in order to bond, to catch up with everyone as most are working in night shift, and of course to break away from the office life by some fishing! agreed meeting time was at 6:30AM - 7:00AM and this was some kind of torture for me. this even required two cellphones set with the most annoying alarm tones!

getting to cojordan in consolacion is too much of a hassle when you don't have a car on your own. with this in mind, i knew that i had to be on time in our meet-up so i would save myself from the ordeal of navigating my way to the place.

however, working in an american company doesn't change the definition of a filipino time because like the usual meet-ups i had in my life, yes like my entire life, it was never right on the dot. but i could not complain for i had the most comfortable ride in getting to cojordan and the better part was that, it was for free!

we were the first ones to arrive there and it was like we owned the place! since we were a lot, we conveniently dispersed in the great expanse of the area and got too excited that we caught too many fish which was more than we could handle. after a couple of hours, everyone had finally given up and thoughtfully gave way to the other people who were starting to arrive.

in order to feel that you own the place, go there in the morning, say around 8AM. in a way, you're also avoiding the crowd and you can enjoy catching fish to your heart's and wallet's content.

cojordan has this very large brackish pond that farms milkfish, so large that it almost makes up the entire place. these were the milkfish that the team caught. i sort of got pity on them as they held on to their dear lives by unsuccessfully trying to jump out from the net. i think i'm just plain weird to think that they got one of the saddest eyes i've ever seen. :(

catching the milkfish doesn't involve the real fishing rod but the makeshift bamboo stick will definitely do! you only have to put the starchy bait in the hook and then, let it stay in the water until a milkfish is lured to your bait. quite simple when you know that there are a lot of fish in the pond! haha

i tried doing it only once and then, i decided to stop after i caught successfully a fish but it was still a baby for it looked small. throwing it back to the water won't do any good because the hook already tore the forsaken fish. but it's just me. the plain weird me.

you can however opt not to fish since cojordan also offers already caught seafood varieties like what we had.

yum! well, the hypocrite me did not take pity on these sea creatures after they had been put on the table for a morning feast. they however, got back on me the day after, when i felt a throbbing pain in my joints. (sign of aging!)

one thing i particularly like the place was these huts that are ingeniously built around the pond. these huts are connected with foot bridges made up of bamboo splits. i wonder how often these bamboo splits get replaced or even the huts. i could not imagine that in the middle of your meal, you suddenly find yourself in the water! the milkfish would surely have the last laugh! lol

as for the affordability of cojordan, i have no idea since i wasn't part of the organizing set of people. i only knew the price of the milkfish which was at Php160/kilo that time. though, cojordan won't probably hurt as much, for it would surely be an experience!

i only knew that you can reserve in advance especially if you're planning to go there on a weekend.

i have a fair idea on how to get there, though i'm not sure if i can explain it clearly. :P there are two ways to get there. first one is through the cansaga bay bridge. about 15 minutes or so after the long stretch of the bridge, take a left turn when you reach an intersection that has a negligible sign of cojordan. it would be best if you ask. i remember it to be in the midst of a marketplace.

second one is through the narrow main road, otherwise known as the national highway to the north of cebu. be alert when you're already passing jollibee in consolacion. just before the undergoing construction of SM mall, there's a dirt road to your right. take the road and you'll be in for a bumpy ride towards cojordan. again, when everything fails, just ask. :P

here it is in google.


Tayud, Consolacion, Cebu


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