Sunday, July 3, 2011

my hometown series kickoff - tabogon, cebu

the idea of writing something about my hometown has been in my mind for a long time now. if i got to write about distant places, then why not about a place that's close to my heart? <3

doing it in a single post will however, fare injustice and will impart a far less attention than it deserves. so i thought, might as well make this a series of posts! i just hope i can keep up for i sometimes tend to shy away from my resolve.

where is tabogon, cebu exactly?

yes, it exists in google map! and it isn't some remote area that people will likely stereotype as some place where civilization has just started to crawl in. for then, you're dead wrong! :P

after i went though my elementary years, i moved to cebu city at a tender age of 11 to finally start my high school years in the chaos of the city. it was too much of an ordeal when every time i was asked by my classmates or just about anybody in the city, on where i came from, tabogon won't ever ring a bell. they had no idea where the heck tabogon was and for sure, the thought that i was just making it up, came across their minds. for all they knew, i hailed from another planet! LOL

sometimes, the blank stares really did get me. i wished i could answer back as nasty as "don't you have geography?" and i would then pepper it with sarcasm to give that impact! i remembered having a subject some time in my elementary education, in which our teacher required us to memorize all the towns of cebu, and that was from north to south! oh well, they might have been asked to memorize the rest of the world and not as trivial as local town names. sad. :(

because i was too nice then (and until now), i would always refer tabogon as a town before a more famous town, bogo to which they would reply, "ahh... so you're from bogo!". duh, silly! in response, i should have rolled my eyes in despair and should have made my frustration obvious but then, i was the new nice girl invading the city and keeping mum about it was the way to go.

fast forward today, i'm glad that the world seems to be a small place already and everything is just a google away. then, i can simply say to whoever asks me where in the universe is tabogon, to rummage the internet for a much enriching dose to one's knowledge.

i don't know if i'm making this interesting but i'll continue to make posts about tabogon, anyway. :P though, tabogon's share in wikipedia is miniscule, at least it's there in wiki. super thanks to whoever cared to include it in wiki! it's here, by the way.

as a preview, we're getting the crashing tides too!

stay tuned for more pics, more stories. ;)


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