Thursday, July 7, 2011

kamekichi ramen on a rainy day

how i see the weather nowadays is all over this blog. for the nth time, yes the weather is getting crazier! the extreme heat is beyond me even in the morning. i only got to experience a nice morning with faint glow of the rising sun once at 6am but i can't endure to drag myself out of bed this early everyday.

i'm not really a morning person. that's why, i'm inclined to wake up late even if i have to endure my everyday walk under the heat of the sun, with loads on both arms while i try to manage holding my umbrella to at least shield me from the scorching heat. on top of that, imagine me in heels! i know, it's one kind of torture.

with the heat throughout the day, the night sky then cools the dried up earth with not just light showers but torrential rains!

with the rain spattering on the roof, what better way to spend the night than having a hot and satisfying noodle soup?

this was my chashumen with the spiciness set to level 2! yes, i was pretty confident that i could take in the spiciness even if i was almost to tears and the mucus was under way my nostrils. pardon me, i should never mention anything slimy when writing about food. seriously, it was the spiciness that i normally could take and i'm thinking of trying level 3 just to know where i set my limits.

if you're not used to anything spicy, you should take the redness of the soup as cue to choose another ramen. :P

breinn has a completely different eating preference from me. he's not into anything spicy although there was that instance in spice fusion when i mindlessly forced him to eat a chilli pepper. since he could not share my liking to level 2, he never fails to order his miso ramen. i should interview him all the miso ramens he tried from different japanese restaurants and i'll have him cast his verdict on the best one. or better yet, he'll come up with his own post. LOL

these two ramens came from this little ramen shop, kamakichi which is located in f. cabahug street in cebu city. the shop is in front of the now defunct party place, paseo.

expect a lot of japanese nationals coming here and it would then feel like you're in japan, especially that their tv is tuned in to a japanese channel. in one corner, there's a small rack of books and other reading materials which include manga (japanese comic books). of course, all written in japanese!

to make your dining more interesting, sit along the counter and amuse yourself by watching the kamekichi staff prepare your food. ;)

don't ask for spoon and fork in order to complete the ramen experience. this is how i want to beat the rainy days, with a pair of chopsticks!


Kamekichi Ramen House
F. Cabahug St.
Mabolo, Cebu City

Prices of their ramen range from Php200 - Php300. I might be missing a few pesos here.

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