Thursday, July 28, 2011

my travel notes: hongkong and macau

finally, i'm on my very last post for my hk-macau stint that was like ages ago! this blog is i think about to throw up with over-indulgence of anything hk or macau, with 14 posts intervened in the past few months. sad. :( it's way past the second half of 2011 and i'm falling behind of getting out there, to feel both the sun and the rain!

anyway back to the main topic, here are the few notes i could remember from the last time i drafted my ideas on what exactly i need to enumerate. i'm pretty sure i'll be missing out a thing or two. thanks to my wonderful memory.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

cosmic guest house, hong kong

this will be my second to the last post for hong kong. my share of hong kong is getting too outdated already that it might give a wrong impression that i was there just yesterday. well, i could put a travel date if i choose to, but i choose to end this series soon before i completely lose my excitement altogether. i'll then wrap it up with my travel notes post that still suffers the confusion of its purpose but i'll have to deal that one later!

back to hk, our accommodation in this expensive city was this hostel located in a very old building called mirador mansion in tsim sha tsui area. its location is over the top that you only need to go down to feel outright what hong kong stands for and that's shopping!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

something fishy in cojordan

one fine saturday, i and the team that had newly found me went on a short trip to consolacion in order to bond, to catch up with everyone as most are working in night shift, and of course to break away from the office life by some fishing! agreed meeting time was at 6:30AM - 7:00AM and this was some kind of torture for me. this even required two cellphones set with the most annoying alarm tones!

getting to cojordan in consolacion is too much of a hassle when you don't have a car on your own. with this in mind, i knew that i had to be on time in our meet-up so i would save myself from the ordeal of navigating my way to the place.

however, working in an american company doesn't change the definition of a filipino time because like the usual meet-ups i had in my life, yes like my entire life, it was never right on the dot. but i could not complain for i had the most comfortable ride in getting to cojordan and the better part was that, it was for free!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

kamekichi ramen on a rainy day

how i see the weather nowadays is all over this blog. for the nth time, yes the weather is getting crazier! the extreme heat is beyond me even in the morning. i only got to experience a nice morning with faint glow of the rising sun once at 6am but i can't endure to drag myself out of bed this early everyday.

i'm not really a morning person. that's why, i'm inclined to wake up late even if i have to endure my everyday walk under the heat of the sun, with loads on both arms while i try to manage holding my umbrella to at least shield me from the scorching heat. on top of that, imagine me in heels! i know, it's one kind of torture.

with the heat throughout the day, the night sky then cools the dried up earth with not just light showers but torrential rains!

with the rain spattering on the roof, what better way to spend the night than having a hot and satisfying noodle soup?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

my hometown series kickoff - tabogon, cebu

the idea of writing something about my hometown has been in my mind for a long time now. if i got to write about distant places, then why not about a place that's close to my heart? <3

doing it in a single post will however, fare injustice and will impart a far less attention than it deserves. so i thought, might as well make this a series of posts! i just hope i can keep up for i sometimes tend to shy away from my resolve.

where is tabogon, cebu exactly?