Wednesday, June 8, 2011

sweet overload in maitre chocolatier

one hot sunday afternoon prior on my friend's sleep over errr bridal shower, i raided ayala center cebu for something i could give to the bride-to-be and of course, tagging breinn along. you could just imagine his blank face and obvious obliging answers when i enumerated to him what i had in mind and at some point, mindlessly asked him what that unique present would be. i just thought lingerie were too common. he even had to endure being stuck with me inside beauty bar while i tried to figure out what i would buy. hastily, he agreed that i settled with a raspberry shower gel which the fragrance he also liked and it was on sale! win-win situation for both of us, i could finally have my present and he could be out from beauty bar fast.

to make my introduction even longer, i had to commend beauty bar's cashier for carefully and patiently wrapping the shower gel before she put it in a nicey paper bag and finished it with a ribbon. first time i experienced this kind of wrapping service in Phl and it was for free!!

after my gift was all set, it was time to feed the one who put up with me in the very last place he'd rather be seen.

and whose exhaustion won't melt with chocolates?

because he was not that hungry, he ordered this hungarian sausage infused with chocolate (can't remember what kind) that came with french toast. i was surprised that the chocolate went well with the contrasting flavor of the meat. though for sure, i would not be asking for a second helping.

i happened to be craving for crepe that time and as far as i know, there is no crepe store in ayala. i mean like the crazy crepes kinda store or is there? i only knew that if i insanely pushed on my crepe hunger, i could get it in bigby's but it turned out that maitre chocolatier wasn't a bad choice for it offers one! yes, the one and only in their menu, crepe in white chocolate.

well, my crepe was inviting at first and tasted good on the first half (sounds like in a basketball game LOL) but as i continued on the second half, i realized that there was something lacking. i think it's the ice cream because it sure lacks on something cold to compensate the normal temperature of everything, like the slices of apples. it reminded me of eating a fruit salad that had been out from the cooler for a long time.

and now, around the maitre chocolatier boutique café. because i was too lazy to stand up, these pictures are of one-sided view.

their drinks menu.


For the chocoholics:

Maitre Chocolatire Boutique Café
G1 The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu (Right below Hukad)
Visit them in Facebook.


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