Friday, June 24, 2011

stonehouse hotel, quezon city

the sound of the hotel's name may give someone a completely wrong impression, leading probably to a sleazy character or those types that offer a fraction of a 24-hour stay. but behold! this was far from anything like that.

when i choose an accommodation, i don't look for a grand stay because that would mean a superfluous spending which i'd rather do, not in the confines of my hotel room but in somewhere i most likely feel the sunshine or the rain, whichever the crazy weather would grant.

staying in metro manila can be a daunting experience. you need to consider a lot of things and make priorities, the quality of the accommodation, the hotel rates, convenience and most importantly, safety. well, i never expected i could get an almost share of the entire package without sacrificing a thing or two.

 Stonehouse Hotel

i came across this hotel from my dependable source tripadvisor after i let my cousin do the search first but she ended up with a dubious one, perfect for those in clandestine affairs. no offense really. that hotel was definitely not suited for us three, since we're all girls.

stonehouse came like a knight in shining armor because of the good reviews, the perfect location, and of course, the affordable rates! we simply could not ask for more. before i go on enumerating on how suitable this hotel was for us and just to be clear, i'm not paid to do this. i just want to share how we had a wonderful overnight stay in this hotel.

good reviews
i always read thoroughly the user reviews in tripadvisor but i usually filter the nit picky reviews of some because their standards surpass sky-high from mine. but good reviews from foreign travellers are surely positive signs that stonehouse is a go for they could be particular to things which are already normal for me. well, in the end it's really your call for the reviews are there just for reference.

perfect location
our top priority was to stay somewhere that's close to araneta coliseum in cubao, quezon city. my cousin and my sister, by the way dragged me to manila for they wanted to watch a korean pop girl group, live in concert. i was then the helpless victim and i didn't even watch the concert. LOL

stonehouse is located along e. rodriguez avenue, one jeepney ride from araneta-cubao mrt station.

go for a jeepney? from mrt cubao station, go to the exit that takes you across edsa (away from farmer's plaza and araneta coliseum). then walk up north, passing along a crowded sidewalk, until you reach aurora boulevard which i don't think there was a conspicuous sign that says it so. one problem i particularly notice in the country, is the lack of signs but that's another story.

you'll know that it's aurora boulevard already since it's a major road and it's the first road that cuts across edsa. go across aurora boulevard by taking the skywalk. i don't recommend to go across this skywalk during nighttime because it does not get enough street light for you to feel secure. take a taxi instead which i adamantly told to my sister and my cousin after the concert.

from the skywalk, take the stairs to your left, towards e. rodriguez avenue. after a short walk, you'll notice men shouting at the top of their lungs, the destinations of the parked jeepneys waiting for passengers. take the jeepney that goes to st. luke's medical center. ask a shouting man on which jeepney that goes there.

the ride would only take about 10 minutes minus the waiting and the traffic (i didn't notice that traffic was even a problem there). fare is only at the minimum rate of Php8. pay attention to your right for the sign of the hotel or better yet, ask the jeepney driver.

affordable rates
i booked through agoda instead of the hotel's own online reservation. it turned out that agoda had provided me wrong options as i was allowed to book a room which was strictly for 2 persons only. one week before our intended stay, i emailed stonehouse to confirm my reservation and i then knew that there was something wrong with my reservation. although, in agoda i was pretty sure that i paid an extra person for a good-for-2 room. i was relieved and grateful that they just upgraded us into a larger room without any additional charges. that's why, we really didn't mind even if the complimentary breakfast was only good for 2. our booking for a one-night stay was only about Php1500++ and that's for the 3 of us!

based on our standards, the room that was given to us was huge, with one queen size bed and a single bed which still leave the room plenty of space! there's a closet near the door. we even got two tables, the vanity table coupled with a large mirror and another table in between the beds. the toilet was ok and clean, with a hot shower that's working. there's that cable tv which saved us from availing their not-for-free wifi service.  the aircon was working fine which was a blessing for a hot and humid weekend.

well, we had a few notes though.
- we were not given towels even after calling the reception desk. :(
- their breakfast is not for those people who are used to eating big in the morning.
- their wi-fi service is not for free. it's Php50/hour but you can opt to avail per day basis for Php200.

these however didn't taint our impression on this hotel. we'll certainly be back when there's yet again another concert in araneta. :D


Stonehouse Hotel
1315 E. Rodriguez Ave.
Quezon City, Philippines


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