Thursday, June 2, 2011

a preview of macau's take on our appetite

no matter how fast we were off from one place to another, we had somehow included a trivial experience of macau food. though, it might not be one of the things we could instantly recall when we think of macau but at least, we had these pictures to remind us that with all those adrenaline rush and heart-pumping mini jaunts around macau, we managed to stuff our stomachs with some food for energy.

Egg Tart Up Close

some say that you shouldn't leave macau unless you have tried their famous egg tarts. pastel de nata in portuguese, is a sweet pastry with outer pastry crust and an egg custard in its center, baked for that satisfying goodness. i regarded it as a hot equivalent of leche flan in the philippines which is also made up of a whole lot of eggs for that guilt-infused sweet craving.

each piece of egg tart costs 7MOP in the choi heong yuen pastry shop near the ruins of st. paul and i remembered it to be 1MOP more expensive in the choi heong yuen in venetian hotel.

Choi Heong Yuen in Venetian Hotel

we accidentally found ourselves in choi heong yuen while we searched the right way to our exit from the venetian hotel. in here, we already bought some pastries in large plastic bags which we were lugging around while we did our walking tour, and posing for pictures with these plastic bags most of the time. you can see the brown plastic bags in the first picture of our walking tour here. it was like free advertising!

for more of  choi heong yuen's offers for your sweet tooth, take a look at their website.

Venetian Food Court

venetian isn't just about splurging on shopping and making all-out gamble in its casino but it also offers a cheap alternative when it comes to eating. it has a food court which caters to the general public who wants to keep their money for gambling or shopping or maybe, after all that gambling and shopping, food court is the only choice they're left with. for us, it's the only choice we've got even without the shopping and gambling! :D

we lined up in this newly opened food stall, enticed by their set menus and the long queue must be a sign of good food or so we thought. anyway, the set menu was two food servings placed in one plate, a bowl of rice and a softdrink or a flower tea. we could have swallowed everything down with the help of a softdrink if the stall had not run out with coca-cola. it was eating just for the sake of eating. where is mcdonald's when we badly need you?

well, back to the streets near the ruins, we found these free samples of pastries, placed alongside the road, convenient for passers by to just pick. and there were also free samples of beef jerky, otherwise known as tapa in the philippines. if we had known this beforehand, we could have skipped lunch in venetian and head straight to these streets!! :D


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