Sunday, June 12, 2011

ngong ping village, hongkong

it's already almost 2 months since my short stint in hong kong but sadly, i haven't finished everything yet. i know, i should do this fast before oblivion gets me and it's running like wild! anyway, at least i'm on the 3rd and last day now.

ngong ping village is in lantau island, a 45-minute train ride from tsim sha tsui with one train change. we were up early again to visit briefly the ngong ping village by taking a cable car, which was i think the highlight of our trip. briefly because we would be in disneyland in the afternoon. tic toc, tic toc!

first time for me in one of these! but before we got to experience this, we had this predicament to iron out first. since this was our last day, we already checked out from where we were staying in tsim sha tsui and inconveniently brought our luggage with us to ngong ping! we could have put it in our hostel for the meantime but tsim sha tsui is too far already from the lantau island and since the airport is also in lantau island, we could be racing against time if we insist on going back after disneyland.

but we didn't of course bring our loads inside the cable car. just imagine a stroller bag, backpacks and everything piled up and clearly seen through the cable car's glass!

if this unfortunate event also happens to you, here's how we got rid of our loads before we went to the ngong ping village.

lockers! these lockers were not however in tung chung, the MTR station where we got off for our ngong ping experience. tung chung station does not have locker service which i was somehow disappointed. however citygate mall, the haven of outlet shops, provides locker service in its basement 2 and 3 and citygate is right after you exit tung chung station. so, fair enough.

locker rates are the same regardless of size, with 20HKD charge for the first two hours and additional of 10HKD per hour thereafter. you need to pay the 20HKD, the minimum rate since you'll be putting it in that small machine at the left, for you to gain access to the locker that you want. and to our relief, there's that huge locker which could accommodate every piece of our luggage!

with everything in place, ngong ping here we come!

that cable car station in the map is the end destination of the cable cars and ngong ping village is just a few steps away.

there's even starbucks in ngong ping village!

if there were no lockers, we could only be gazing at the buddha from the bottom of these steps.

i don't know what came to mind this time. i tend to do this when i'm near a temple and i remember doing similar stance in one of those times when i raided the japanese temples.

i love the smell of their incense and they're huge! it was INCENSE! (insert a bellowing sound here)

of course, the souvenir shops.

we opted for a much cheaper route (17.20HKD) on the way back to tung chung station and took the bus, although it was a 45-minute ride in a once again winding road. bus terminal is located at the ngong ping village.


ngong ping cable car has several types. if you want to experience a cabin with a clear glass as its floor, then go for the crystal cabin. for the rest of their cars and the corresponding rates, it's here. the cable car ride will take 25 minutes.

Ngong Ping Opening Hours
Weekdays: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Weekends: 9:00am - 6:30pm


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