Tuesday, June 28, 2011

hongkong disneyland, another story

after venting my frustrations and disappointments for hongkong disneyland in this post, it's right about time to focus on what were the wonderful things the park had offered me. of course, in my heart of hearts, it was an experience worth remembering for life! not just because i had to make the best out of my volatile money's worth but simply because it's disneyland!

hongkong disneyland this year celebrates its 5th year in giving joy and wonderful experience not just to kids but to those kids at heart alike. see that number 5 above? well, who are more fitting to sport that banner other than the disney veterans, mickey on top of the float signifying his superiority, the usual cuteness of donald duck, the playfulness of goofy, and the extra nice minnie, all waving hello to the crowd!

after the crazy dilemma that we had been through at the gates, the grand parade had us all settled down. we even secured a nice spot which we had shared with some kids, 30 minutes before the start of the parade. we were just there, taking in the merriment around us.

with our composure everything in place, we then decided to shake it up by an exhilarating space mountain ride. space mountain is a roller coaster ride inside a big dark dome to simulate an outer space feel with twinkling lights like stars everywhere. coming from someone like me who has a bad vision, i found hk disneyland's space mountain not that dark for i could well see the tracks ahead of us. but other than that, it was still worth the screams and the difficult attempt to muster that fake smile for the camera some time in the ride, was epic.

we then raced to the opposite side of disneyland, to adventureland from tomorrowland to watch the fantastic lion king musicale. here's the disneyland map to see what lands i'm talking about. we had to dash off since we didn't have much spare time after the space mountain ride and the show's start. making most out of disneyland would likely require, a run for life, setting of priorities and a nice strategy. i'll have my tips and tricks at the end of this post.

as for the show, the songs were in english so we happily sang along, and loudly in our minds. if you know well the lion king story and you have watched the movie too many times, there might be some scenes which may bore you but the extravagant props, beautiful voices, and the awesome stunts, especially that gymnast will totally compensate for everything!

the rest of our time was then spent on shopping, hoarding souvenir items, taking a terabyte of photos which in one instance was with rapunzel and the most terrific of all was when we shrieked with delight in the kiddie rides! these were "the many adventures of winnie the pooh", the carousel, and in "it's a small world" ride! and to think, we were with two guys who would surely volunteer to be shot rather than be caught frolicking with pooh. :P

and of course, my souvenir photo with sleeping beauty's glittery castle in the background. one of the few instances i got to have my picture taken for i was too busy and pressured, so i thought. hehe

hongkong disneyland's finale! the grand fireworks which we still could afford to wait even if in a matter of few hours time, we would be heading back home, then eventually the dreaded reality.

as promised, here are my tips and tricks for disneyland which are applicable to any disney park. these notes by the way were originally from my multiply entry (in original text!) for my first ever stint in a disney park, the disney sea.

[2009.07.11] stress. panic mode. the heat. tired feet. and the exhaustion at the end. not really mainly for fun. -_-

things to realize at the end:

- plan (if you're up to making the most of what you pay, then plan. :P)
- prioritize (ignore the attractions that you think are corny. :P)
- thou shall fastpass. it's the best thing to do. =)
- have time for shows (some shows are seasonal and indeed great. that's why, you still have the frantic japs locals as rivals for a good spot.)
- wear your most comfortable footwear (if you can do a 10-k marathon with 3-inch heels, then wear your 3-inch heels. :P)
- and of course, ENJOY!!!

so, enjoy we did!


Hongkong Disneyland


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