Wednesday, June 15, 2011

excess baggage in hong kong disneyland

for the lack of really good theme parks in our country, they would likely be part of one's itinerary in an international travel, especially if the country of destination offers one of these huge parks which never fail to awaken the kid in you! if you can't relate, maybe i'm referring to another set of people who are technically beyond childhood but still delight on those cartoon characters in their squeaky voices. hehe

when i was too naive for the corporate world, was too fresh from college and just even finished the ordeal of a project defense with deliberately intimidating panel of instructors, i had this first job interview for a manila-based IT company. it was more of a prelimimary interview by the recruiter and while we were on the height of the interview process, i spilled the beans on how i didn't mind a job which would require constant travel and as what she had said, there were chances of travelling to hong kong for that job opening. why exactly would i want that kind of job, she asked. "because i love to go to hong kong disneyland!!" hong kong disneyland was on its first few months of operation at that time so i was too excited to go there, walt disney and disneyland japan were dead impossible.

it sounded too silly but i don't regret it anyway. and no, i didn't get the job. :P it turned out their technical round called for geniuses.

but five years after, i ecstatically found myself in hong kong disneyland!

planets and stars or the galaxy even made way for a very fortunate event wherein in these five years of longing for hong kong disneyland, i was able to detour to japan's disneyland and disney sea. but that frustration on my very first job interview still lingered.

when i, together with my fellow HK trippers finally set foot in hong kong disneyland and even from the moment we alighted from the disney train, the feeling of excitement ushered in, for hong kong disneyland would finally come to reality!

but due to an ill fortune, my excitement bubble burst into thin air! i had particularly mentioned our inconvenience with our luggage in my ngong ping post and how we managed to steer clear but hong kong disneyland was far different.

their locker service or baggage counter charge is waaaay too expensive!

Baggage Counter before the Ticket Gates, Regardless of Size: 60HKD/piece
Lockers inside Disneyland: small 40HKD, big 60HKD

yes it's per piece even if your baggage is a small paper bag!! they don't basically care about the sizes. well, we worked on that into our advantage and we put as many carry-ons as we could in this sack-like bag but still ended up with 5 pieces. :(

good thing i brought this sack-like bag and package tape from Phl and i never knew till then of their extreme importance.

i was gravely disappointed with how hong kong disneyland could suddenly spoil my jovial mood. i expected that at least they could have lockers for convenience in their train station and not be placed somewhere wherein one needs to walk really far, and even priced at incredulous rates!

their no food and drinks (except water) policy inside the park hit the final blow. that's why they place a baggage counter near the ticket gates for in cases you intentionally or unintentionally brought food or drinks, you could deposit the taboo items there at HKD60/piece, better if you can put it in one bag so as not to pay for each item.

having said all my nagging frustrations, prior knowledge is the key for an absolute fun in disneyland!

we decided that it was best to put everything behind after we finally made through the ticket gates and into the dreamland!


Hong Kong Disneyland
Regular Ticket at 350HKD (Ask your hotel if they offer discounted tickets.)


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