Sunday, May 8, 2011

sunbathed with snoopy in its world

before we ended up with snoopy again, we first tried our luck in mongkok for something interesting. we were supposedly to be in search for the 10HKD store that is in between bossini and crocs stores in sai yeung choi street, but after several turns around the block and with the sun's high noon torture looming in, we found out that the 10HKD store was closed. urgh!

so, we decided to head out for lunch instead. we were supposed to eat at a local restaurant but after some futile search, we just safely settled in kfc. :D

and after, there's snoopy world...

snoopy world is in sha-tin. from mongkok, we had to make two train interchanges to get to  sha-tin station. during this train ride, we experienced the transition of getting on a subway train from mongkok and into a normal train that goes to a more residential area of sha-tin.

snoopy's world is just outside of new town plaza mall which is connected to sha-tin station. you'll be passing through plush stores and if it's summer, be sure to cherish the moments while walking inside the air-conditioned mall because after you leave the mall's exit doors, you're in for a real sun scare.

this was high noon and these kids never ever did care how hot it was and of course, parents or nannies had no choice but to tag along and chase the little rascals!

snoopy world is really just a playground meant for small kids and the kids at heart. it's not meant to overthrow disneyland's reign in hong kong.

with operating hours specified below:

if you're really not a fan of snoopy and had long locked up your childish aspirations in your closet, you might as well skip this unless you're with a child who's glued on cartoon network or a snoopy show for that matter.

entrance is for free except for the kiddy rides.


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