Saturday, May 28, 2011

macau in one day: hotel hopping

macau is one hour away from hongkong by a ferry. little did we know, it was also a bonamine away as the ferry ride across the south china sea's rim is likely to be a nauseating ride especially when the weather does not take your side.

we were on board with new world first ferry from china ferry terminal in tsim sha tsui as early as 8:30am and we just slept the entire ferry ride. besides, there was really nothing to see outside for it was raining and due to poor visibility, the captain announced that the ferry would take a slow course. it was then, like forever.

but forever just really translated to reality as past one hour...

and then, there was macau.

macau is considered to be the las vegas in asia. it stands true to that as the first thing we noticed when we were about to dock was the sands casino and more casinos everywhere thereafter.

Hop on Hotels' Shuttle Buses for Free!

because we liked to do everything on our own, we relied on the brochure guides, handed out for free, right after we stepped out from the ferry. we initially thought that the brochure would be useless as it would only be filled with advertisements but to our surprise, it had a map in it!

from the macau ferry terminal, we first hopped on sands casino's shuttle bus, though the ride took only around 5 minutes.

Sand's Casino

and then to venetian hotel in taipa. there are shuttle buses to venetian from sands as they're both under one corporation.

Venetian Hotel and Casino

venetian does not only offer euphoric gambling activities but also a tremendous and unforgettable shopping experience! there are countless signatures shops and some, i've never even heard of.

getting lost in venetian is easy. we figured our way out after two hours! yes, they have touch screen guides but that time, we always seemed to end up in the same place. the fake sky as their ceiling took a toll on us eventually that it made us want to immediately dash off to the real sunshine.

then, we hopped on another free shuttle bus to city of dreams which was just near.

City of Dreams

in city of dreams, we watched the bubble show: the dragon's treasure which we thought was for free but the ticket was priced at 30MOP/HKD. tsk

after city of dreams, we went back to venetian to get a free ride again for sands casino. then from there, we took a taxi to start our walking tour in senado square. up next!


how we did hongkong and macau in 3 days is here.


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