Saturday, May 21, 2011

itinerary: manila in 3 days

because i'm letting summer go away, i'm settling with the idea of making an itinerary for my parents. i even had to spend 3 weeks for this itinerary, including hotel reservations and to the very specific on where they would eat! i was taking on a turtle's pace because i had to divide the little time i'm left for my personal life since my demanding work is eating the most part. tsk! anyway, so much on that for i may end up sounding ungrateful. :P

this was something new for me because i had to consider comfort more than anything because i don't think my parents can handle too much hassle and a lot of activities cramped in one day.

Day 1: 14-May, Saturday
    3:00 AM    Wake up, Prepare, Light Breakfast
    4:00 AM    Take a taxi to Mactan Airport
    4:30 AM    Airport Check-in
    5:55 AM    ETD from Cebu to Manila via Air Philippines
    7:05 AM    ETA Manila Terminal 3                            
    9:00 AM    Hail a metered taxi to Casa Bocobo Hotel, Manila
   10:00 AM   Leave your things in Casa Bocobo Hotel for check-in time is still at 2:00PM.
   10:30 AM   Manila Ocean Park                                      
         ~         LUNCH
    3:00 PM    Check-in at Casa Bocobo Hotel
    3:30 PM    Leave for Divisoria by LRT 1 - From United Stations Station to Doroteo Jose Station
        ~          DINNER
    8:30 PM    Head back to the Hotel
    9:30 PM    Have a good night's rest                         

Day 2: 15-May, Sunday
    6:00 AM    Wake up, Take a bath, Prepare for breakfast                                              
    7:30 AM    Breakfast at the Hotel                                              
    8:30 AM    Head to San Agustin Church in Intramuros                                              
        If you get there before the 10AM mass, you can go to San Agustin  Church Museum (Php100/person).
       Or you can go inside the church already and secure nice seats.                                              
   10:00 AM   Mass in San Agustin Church                                              
   11:30 AM   Walking Tour in Intramuros including LUNCH                                              
        For 1-3 Destinations, you have the option to skip one of them

        or visit each destination quickly in case you're hungry at this time.                                              
        1    Casa Manila                                          
            Calle Real del Palacio (Gen. Luna Street)                                          
        2    Walls of Intramuros / Puerta de Santa Lucia                                                                                  
        3    Manila Cathedral           
 12:30 PM  LUNCH                                          
            For affordable food choices, walk further up General Street from Manila Cathedral
            until you reach 'Andres Soriano Jr. Ave.' (Aduana) street.
            A    Chowking
                Ground Level, FEMI Bldg. 8 Aduana St., Intramuros, Manila
            B    Greenwich
                Ground Floor, FEM II Bldg, Andres Soriano (Aduana)
            C    Jollibee
               Andres Soriano (Aduana) cor. Muralla
        4   Fort Santiago
            Santa Clara Street, Intramuros
            Telephone: +63 2 527 1572
            From Andres Soriano/Aduana street, Sta. Clara street is one block away.

    2:00 PM    FREE TIME           
            You can go around Intramuros more. For souvenir shops:                                            
            Silahis Souvenir Shop, also at 744 Calle Real del Palacio, and                                           
            Mananzan Handicrafts at UPL Building near Fort Santiago.                                          
    7:00 PM    DINNER                                              
    8:30 PM    Head back to the Hotel                                        
    9:30 PM    Have a good night's rest

Day 3: 16-May, Monday
    5:30 AM    Wake up, Take a bath, Prepare for breakfast
    7:00 AM    Breakfast at the Hotel                                              
    8:00 AM    Luneta Park
   11:45 AM   Back to Hotel. Last minute check of things.
   12:00 PM   Hotel Check-out
   12:30 PM   From Casa Bocobo Hotel, take a taxi to SM Mall of Asia.             
    1:00 PM    LUNCH in SM Mall of Asia  

    5:30 PM    Head to the airport                                        
    6:30 PM    DINNER
    7:30 PM    Airport Check-in
    9:00 PM    ETD from Manila to Cebu via Air Philippines                     
   10:10 PM   ETA Cebu                                              
   10:45 PM   Take a metered white taxi.                                              
   11:45 PM   Home sweet home!

this plan was not followed right from the very start when the Air Philippines 2P 093 5:55AM flight was cancelled! not really a good experience for my mother on her first plane ride. it was on my mind to confirm their flights that week but i had too much on my plate already that i only crossed my fingers hoping that nothing could go wrong. it then turned out, i did not cross my fingers hard enough. i should have included my toes!

my brother and i did not leave the airport until we made sure that my parents at least had their boarding passes for a manila-bound flight. it felt like we switched our seats with our parents because we acted in their roles, guiding their children on their first adventure!

they supposed to take the 6:55 flight of the mother airline company of Air Philippines, the legendary PAL but the plane could not accommodate them anymore and they ended up waiting for a 9:05AM PAL flight. urgh! and to think, they were up really early on that day.

so when my parents got to manila, the only activity they had done on their first day was the manic divisoria for they had to catch up on their good night's rest. 

i did not make any corrections on my original itinerary because that would mean crossing out the entire thing. you see, my father doesn't always follow anything other than what had been set on his mind.  they skipped intramuros which i don't understand because it's within the vicinity of their hotel but they rather chose to deplete their energy for divisoria twice in a row!

but i'm not complaining, at least they had a blast without us, their cute kids tagging along. :D


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