Wednesday, May 25, 2011

hadsan cove, mactan island

hadsan cove may sound interesting to those people who haven't heard of this place but for those who are already too familiar will likely be indifferent, that a few of them may frown with the mere mention of its name, especially if in need of one perfect beach setting.

living in an island raises one's standards when it comes to the ultimate combination of the blue seas, white sands, and the sun but sometimes, when all you need is a quick breath of fresh air and the company of the people close to your heart, everything seems to be just right.

i had mentioned in a post on how i found myself in mactan more frequently now and i even listed all possible public transportation that i know. and this time around i was with my family and unlike the frequency of me getting to mactan, spending time with my family is at the bottom of the gauge.

i even had to drag myself out of bed early in the morning on a sunday because this does not happen very often.

the perfect weather called for an impromptu beach get-away, egged on by my sister who had been raving about heading to the sea for a long time already. i was the one who suggested hadsan for it's the cheapest and a decent resort that i know in mactan, though it's a far cry from the resorts that we frequent back home.

hadsan cove resort has this small island which has these too expensive huts, priced at a fixed rate of Php700! haggling does not exist here even if you chance upon a hut with non-existent benches because the wood had already succumbed to earth due to neglect and lack of maintenance.

we were even first offered with only a table that has attached benches on both sides but still at Php700! the woman tried to sell this option to us because she could arrange the table to be put near the too crowded shore but i insisted that we would still go for a hut though it's in the remote side of the resort. so, we ended up in this tiny island which is connected to the main land by a short foot bridge.

we might not have a proper shoreline, but the kids who were with us were content immersing forever near the end of these steps. unless they're told that it's time to go home, they'll be here until the sun gives up on them and retires for the night. all of us were amused on how the kids got too discolored that it was like they were poured over with dark brown paint. hehe


hadsan cove may have its flaws and just anything that you can nitpick but the important thing that it offers me is that it reminds me on how life can be carefree and how satisfying it is, to cherish the moments you spend with the dearest people. who then needs boracay, right? not to mention, this was my last-minute stint for summer! the rarest time i was reminded that it's summer! boo!

Hadsan Cove Resort
Barangay Agus, Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan
Entrance Fee: Php40/person (Both adults and *children)
Cottage Rental: Php700

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we were six at that time including 2 small kids who are both 6 six years old and i tried to persuade the man at the entrance to exempt the kids but he's too adamant earning Php40. my parents just conceded so we ended up paying Php40 for both of the kids. tsk i hope they will have different rates for children.


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