Sunday, April 10, 2011

now i know: danao city, cebu to isabel, leyte

i was on board with a ceres bus bound for home with my gaze out to nowhere. i was thinking, drifting, wallowing in my thoughts and contemplating on how my regular bus fare of Php60 leapt into almost a hundred, with only 3 pesos short in just barely a month! i wonder what are the things left for me to sacrifice in order to possibly go away when things get out of hand sometimes.

anyway, i will not continue to discuss that issue here for i know one way or another, someone will throw my grievances to my face and wake me to my senses on how lucky i am compared to many people.

well halfway in my 3-hour journey, my bus picked up three passengers in danao. i did not give my full attention to them because i was still deep in thought about the sign i noticed in danao's port. danao to camotes, which i know already and below camotes was ormoc! i'm not sure if this is something new but i was thinking how many people this side of cebu would want to go to ormoc. and i then imagined myself in ormoc one of these days. hmmm

my trail of wandering thoughts came to a halt when a passenger tried to make a room for his funeral flower stands in the narrow aisle of the small bus. not that i like to eavesdrop on somebody's life but it's just that i could not help myself from hearing the man profusely thanking the bus conductor, explaining on how big buses had refused to let him aboard.

that was not the end of my increasing interest to the new passengers for i then noticed this woman, a foreigner dragging her apparently heavy backpack along the aisle. i could not be certain if she's american or a european for i did not hear her speak. judging by her exhausted aura and frighteningly burnt skin, i was sure that she's a seasoned traveler and she travels alone. hats off to these brave women for their courage and willingness to give up on the comforts they used to have back home. i wish i could do the same. -_-

at first, i thought she was bound for bogo, the end destination of the ceres bus which i found strange since foreigners would likely head to hagnaya port for bantayan or to the very north of cebu, in malapascua. i was too surprised that none of these held true for this traveler. after less than 30 minutes, she got off from the bus near the border of danao and the next town, carmen. i was well aware of this dirt road that forks from the highway but i never knew that the road leads to a public port!

and there was a sign that i did not ever notice in the gazillion times i passed by this area. it says danao to isabel. just wow! how ironic it is that a foreigner had made me realize i can reach isabel, leyte through danao.

Google Map here.

confirming it in the net,  here's the schedule i found in

Booking Office - 2344628     Operations - 234-4625     Department - 2344629 

Danao to Isabel, Leyte
Daily 7:30am
Daily 3:30am

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