Sunday, April 3, 2011

my travel notes: boracay

not that i recently basked under the sun in boracay. but because it's finally april and officially summer! time to pump up this sea green page with a summery post. though, one needs to cross both fingers and toes, offer sacrifices, pray the hardest in order to have that perfect weather come your summer get-away.

anyway enough of that lamentation. on with summer mode and i'm starting off with boracay, the ultimate and overrated summer destination. :P

1. Fly straight to Caticlan or if it can't be helped, fly at least to Kalibo.
i'm one of those grateful ordinary citizens for the introduction of low cost domestic air travel. on november 2009, i was tagged along by my friend and she included me in their entire company's booking for iloilo via cebu pacific. well, iloilo was a bad choice since we wasted 2 days for traveling back and forth from iloilo to boracay. it's a loooooong way to go, trust me. and i can't remember anything remarkable in both trips except that incident when the window of our old coaster bus, flew off.

2. Go to Boracay during the off-peak season.
that is, if you hate crowds. but if you love to party, then go there summertime. you'll surely have a blast! even if it was november that time, throngs of people had not passed up boracay. it's still one heck of a crowd, for a night of party and fun.

aside from a little peace, you can also get lower rates for the off-peak season. yey!

3. The prices of local stuff and other souvenirs are relative to the stalls' distance from the shore.
for the city girls and boys, a Php20 anklet is already a good buy. but for those who brave to venture in the secluded shops by going through narrow paths and alleys, Php20 can go a long way.

and there's always the power of haggling. ;)

4. Be careful. Island hopping could mean shore hopping.
my friend was too excited to hop in the neighboring islets and so, we hired a boat for the battalion of us. her excitement however, reduced to nothing when we were told to snorkel with not even a single nemo in the water and those who gave in to the idea had to cling for life to the boat because the current was too strong. we never went to any other island but only to the other shores of boracay. well, at least it was shangrila's.

5. Enjoy!
every destination has its share of nastiness no matter how one tries to gloss the imperfections. but no matter what, it's still your call. it's making the most out of everything. anyhow, i still had fallen in love with boracay's sands! go there to experience it first hand. ;)


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