Saturday, April 9, 2011

escape to alta cebu

the weather has been quite steady in cebu since the start of april and i mean sunny steady. yey! though the sun can be too unforgiving even at 9am. ;( well, it's a lot better getting greasy with too much sunblock rather than an umbrella in tow during your summer fun.

and yet again, here comes another post for summer!

Alta Cebu

alta cebu is located in cordova, cebu. just do a right turn a few meters away from the bridge, connecting mactan island and cordova. this resort is somewhat remote, situated in the middle of a residential area and a bit distant from the main road. no, drop the "bit" because frankly, it's not a walking distance. it's best if you have a car or hire one.

since it's surrounded with residences, you should not expect to laze and sunbathe on white sands because it doesn't have a shoreline in the first place. alta cebu's website can be a little tricky since its entire background boasts of that shimmering blue sea and white sands. however, they arrange tours for you to fulfill your tropical expectations, like island hopping and even a bohol day tour. if the sea is really your main thing, then you might consider the resorts in mactan.

then, why escape here? to reiterate, it's remote. so it's a perfect place to get away from everything for a while and have yourself pampered with the resort's attentive staff. not to mention, their staff speak in perfect english with a hint of the american accent!

usually, conferences and events are being held here. not that much activities to do for a family except for the pool. well, there are hoops which you can shoot with deflated basketballs. :P you can also play table tennis or for more adventure, wall-climbing!

one major thing that makes alta cebu surpass the other resorts, is its food. it's superb! though, well compensated with an exuberant price.

don't let down your appetite with how the images lack the luster to entice. work your mind a little imagination!


alta cebu is a perfect place to unwind and forget the stress at work. commune with nature there. though their trees and shrubs need trimmings for it reminds me of a small forest. it might cross your mind that you're like red little riding hood going to her grandmother's house, especially if your room lines along the resort's perimeter fence.

Alta Cebu Resort
Cordova, Cebu
(6332) 513-2088


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