Saturday, April 30, 2011

charlie brown café in hongkong

we didn't have anything specific in mind but just a list of places stashed for our whims because an aimless walk may provide little surprises and more fun...

though we were glad that there were people from work who were kind enough to share their itineraries and we just picked here and there some places and things to do for we needed to fill our 3 days in hongkong, which is yes too short and besides, it isn't everyday that we can grab a seat sale. so there, our list of places which ended up in excel sheet.

anyway after we bought our macau ferry tickets, we opted not to take another long taxi ride but to take a shortcut by our still hyped up feet through haiphong road, then back to nathan road, saving HK$33 in the process.

in our list, there was charlie brown café and one branch is just along cameron road, a road that branches out from the very long nathan road.

it felt like i was almost in vertigo already with all the signs in chinese characters everywhere, hoping to finally read a charlie brown café in roman alphabet in the midst. my hope was slowly fading away for we were seeing the end of cameron until hannah remarked about the sign above!

hey there! no one was downstairs at that time except for this fellow, showing off the café's menu which we brushed aside for we only dropped by here for pictures! :D

on the first flight of stairs already and unknowingly, we found ourselves up to the second floor where we saw human beings other than the snoopy characters.

for it was nearing lunch already, we decided not to try the cakes and other pastries while convincing ourselves that we didn't want to curb our appetite but in fact, we didn't want to shell out needlessly our precious HK$. LOL

so we were there using up 1 gigabyte of memory space, taking pictures to our heart's content! karina was the only one who took some loot while the rest of us were content feasting our eyes with how admirable the snoopy gang is. XD

but even that, the café's crew still said thank you to us! and i think that was the most polite and friendly gesture in a store, i ever experienced in hongkong...


Charlie Brown Café
Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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