Saturday, April 30, 2011

charlie brown café in hongkong

we didn't have anything specific in mind but just a list of places stashed for our whims because an aimless walk may provide little surprises and more fun...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

getting the hongkong feel

a much needed quick sleep in our tiny room did us good for the four of us after arriving in hongkong at past 1am through a cheap cebu pacific flight from cebu. the fantastic four consisted of me and my 3 former colleagues who braved the busy and expensive hongkong for the first time. of course, planning had already been laid down months before, even a few weeks after january, the month when we booked our flight. nah, we're not excited, for that would be an understatement! :P

we were all smiles by the time we hit the streets in hongkong on our first day, shrugging off our hostel's tiny toilet, the tiniest that we've ever seen so far and i mean ever!! discounting the toilets in airplanes. well, it was like a toilet in an aircraft with a shower in place.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

itinerary: hong kong and macau in 3 days

i almost had to book for hong kong alone. i have this weird habit of clicking the "Show New Updates" link in my yahoo, integrated with my facebook and twitter feeds every time i got lost in my thoughts, which i shouldn't do often at work, unless of course i'm willing to lose my job. tsk

anyway, after a random update, i was seeing the cebu pacific's feed about its sale seats for hong kong! it was i think at Php999 one way which however, expectantly summed up to a larger amount after i finished my booking. but 3100++ with check-in luggage was such a good deal already! ;)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

now i know: danao city, cebu to isabel, leyte

i was on board with a ceres bus bound for home with my gaze out to nowhere. i was thinking, drifting, wallowing in my thoughts and contemplating on how my regular bus fare of Php60 leapt into almost a hundred, with only 3 pesos short in just barely a month! i wonder what are the things left for me to sacrifice in order to possibly go away when things get out of hand sometimes.

anyway, i will not continue to discuss that issue here for i know one way or another, someone will throw my grievances to my face and wake me to my senses on how lucky i am compared to many people.

well halfway in my 3-hour journey, my bus picked up three passengers in danao. i did not give my full attention to them because i was still deep in thought about the sign i noticed in danao's port. danao to camotes, which i know already and below camotes was ormoc! i'm not sure if this is something new but i was thinking how many people this side of cebu would want to go to ormoc. and i then imagined myself in ormoc one of these days. hmmm

Saturday, April 9, 2011

escape to alta cebu

the weather has been quite steady in cebu since the start of april and i mean sunny steady. yey! though the sun can be too unforgiving even at 9am. ;( well, it's a lot better getting greasy with too much sunblock rather than an umbrella in tow during your summer fun.

and yet again, here comes another post for summer!

Alta Cebu

Sunday, April 3, 2011

my travel notes: boracay

not that i recently basked under the sun in boracay. but because it's finally april and officially summer! time to pump up this sea green page with a summery post. though, one needs to cross both fingers and toes, offer sacrifices, pray the hardest in order to have that perfect weather come your summer get-away.

anyway enough of that lamentation. on with summer mode and i'm starting off with boracay, the ultimate and overrated summer destination. :P