Wednesday, March 30, 2011

wakamatsu yakiniku - eat till you drop

it was around 3 years ago when i came to know a yakiniku tabehoudai (eat all you can grilled meat) in cebu that has the same setup like in japan.

a bit of history...

working in a fast-paced life in an IT company brought so many things into my life. everyday late overtimes, few out of town team-buildings, several nights of intoxication and throat-clinching videoke sessions, and of course the last but not the least FOOD!

there was that time when i was in the same cubicle with 3 people who have the same penchant for food as i do. we even started our own friday sessions but that's another story. anyway, this one cubemate suggested wakamatsu, a yakiniku restaurant that has its real japanese feel.

from then on, i found myself in wakamatsu time and again...


my recent stint in wakamatsu was for my sister's birthday. she was too excited for this, even counting down the days ever since january. haha!

for the penny-pinching people like us, wakamatsu does not come very often. we have to wait out for that very very special occasion in our lives.

here are our pics in wakamatsu. it's like we teleported to japan! let us dream, okay? haha

most if not all of these pics are somewhat in low quality since i still haven't got hold of my brother's better quality pics. see the topmost pic, we were not actually squatting but just sitting normally with our feet conveniently tucked under the table. :P

you basically order as many times as you want. just keep in mind that you need to devour everything or else you'll pay in double. there's also a one round of dessert included. it was ice cream or this crushed ice, mixed with a mango concentrate which i'm guessing that it's one of those juices in small white gallons used for ice candies.
this is the face of my brother who was strangely a killjoy over food that time. well that's after knowing he would eat with chopsticks! good thing we're just in cebu for spoon and fork are abound.

the food in wakamatsu was great though we almost burnt a few of them. it's best that you tag along someone who's keen on grilling and your role will be to eat and finish off what he has cooked. :D

wakamatsu experience comes with a hefty price of Php600++ per person and that's with only one drink. but if you opt for a more japanese feel and order maybe "sake" (rice wine), then better prepare your wallets.


Wakamatsu Yakiniku
Lunch Time 11:30AM - 2:30PM
Dinner Time 5:30PM - 10:30PM

1-K Pacific Square (Just before Castle Peak Hotel)
F. Cabahug St. Mabolo, Cebu City
(032) 232-5897
*It's best if you make reservations in advance.


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