Wednesday, March 2, 2011

nostalgic in embarcadero de legazpi

my brother and i finished up in cagsawa earlier than planned but we didn't want to confine ourselves in our hotel's room just yet. without any argument, we then proceeded to embarcadero which is near legazpi's harbor.

from cagsawa, we took a jeepney bound for legazpi and paid Php15 each.

Embarcadero de Legazpi

Legazpi's Harbor

this harbor is part of the albay gulf that faces the pacific ocean. it's the closest i had been to smell the breeze of the largest ocean in the world. not evident in the picture is legazpi's port which is in my left side. it was windy when we got there and it surely gave us the chill that i wished cebu had, so as to put out my city's distressing heat.

Way to Embarcadero

if you're exploring legazpi on your own, aside from the legazpi's port sign, this grand entrance is also your cue to get off from the jeepney.  in our case, we just trusted our instincts and knowing that we could always ask around if ever we got lost. ^^

Covered Walk and Mayon Volcano

the mayon  volcano stands above anything else in legazpi and even the rest of the towns that surround the overbearing volcano. by the way, most of our shots taken were always with the mayon, totally cloud-covered, partially cloud-covered and in its very elusive cloudless state.

embarcadero is an open-type mall with terraces overlooking the harbor. it has shops here and there and has restaurants that offer quite a great view of the sea but without intently looking down on the waters. i'll explain this at the end of this post. anyway to name a few, you can take a pick among gerry's grill, bigg's diner (quite famous in legazpi), a seafood grill, tapa king and a few others.

the above picture with embarcadero's directions somehow reminds me of yokohama's outlet shops in torihama and for a second there, i was feeling nostalgic.

Torihama's Outlet Shops in Yokohama

if you can't see anything similar, well these outlet shops are also facing a harbor since yokohama also has a bay area like legazpi. and can you see the post with directions? that's what i'm talking about! i know, i'm weird. lol

Points I have for Embarcadero:

- i really admire its concept which breaks away from the usual claustrophobia-inducing malls we have here in the philippines.
- i do hope that development of embarcadero is in progress since i can still see few vacant spaces and some parts which i felt uneasy or a bit scared, those parts that still have no shops and quite far from the rest.
- embarcadero looks promising when you're seeing it from afar and until a few meters from its entrance. it however fails when you get to its center. it reminds me of a huge warehouse with everything just about anywhere. well, it has this really big arcade that occupies a big chunk of the place.
- i fervently hope that the harbor can be CLEANED to make embarcadero worthy to stand out among the typical malls. i don't mean the pathway but the waters! who can still have its appetite when one is seeing trashes? legazpi please love your harbor. ;(


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