Saturday, March 26, 2011

my travel notes: legazpi, albay and donsol, sorsogon

no two experiences are the same. both may involve the same destination but it would be a whole different thing the second time around.

not that i've been to legazpi and donsol before. it's just one of those too seldom prolonged breaks that i have, to get away with everything and to seek my so-called fleeting sanity. in layman's terms, a breath of fresh air! like what i always implore during those days when things get crazy. but things proved even far crazier than i thought. LOL

anyway, all's well that ends well. :D

Mayon Volcano as seen from Legazpi, Albay

1. Do staggard preparation for a travel.
though more often than not, only the night before that i tend to cram and prepare my things. in a rather very rare occurrence, i did an initial preparation a few days before.

this came more useful than i far imagined since i was able to finish off my preparations barely 4 hours before our flight! blamed my indecision that time.

2. Don't rush things.
this somehow contradicts with my number 1. yes, i successfully made it to our flight but i however missed out one of the most important things in this trip, my waterproof pack for my camera, the very essence of our butanding experience! huhu and it would have been its first time to get into action. tsk

to think i was going through my list while i was packing but i did it too mindlessly, i guess.

3. Normal goggles are not advisable when swimming with the butanding.
i'm so reiterating this for i had gone through the hardship of gasping for air after a minute or so under water. don't be too hard on yourself. rent a snorkelling gear there or better yet, bring your own if hygiene is one of your top concerns.

4. Eat a local food or a street food even!
i'm quite fortunate that my stomach is not too picky and sensitive when i devour something new. though a ginamsan is not something very extremely unique and it's a far cry from one of those exotic delights. i'm still glad that we had tried it anyway.

so long legazpi and donsol! the 3 days were great!


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