Sunday, March 13, 2011

lost in kapuntukan hill

this is now my 7th post for legazpi. i had to finish this series soon, before everything fades from my memory. i would then be left with our pics which are saved in multiple hard drives and external drives in case another bad luck strikes time and again. :-/

Kapuntukan Hill

it's the same scene as my embarcadero post because those siamese hills behind embarcadero are singly called as kapuntukan hill, a great photo opportunity for those shutterbugs who want a view of legazpi's harbor and mayon volcano.

it was our second time in legazpi's harbor but the first was only up to embarcadero. my brother just couldn't get enough with the mayon and wanted to fill more of its magnificence in his memory card and so he suggested the kapuntukan hill. there's nothing for us to do anyway so i just conceded. we may never be back here in legazpi.

brother, how long do we have to walk?

after walking some time, we still had not seen where we could ascend the hill. we almost completed halfway around the hill at this point. still, no signs of a path, no matter how narrow it could be.

but we never bothered asking anyone. haha! we somehow enjoyed walking even though it was obviously becoming futile since we already had reached a residential area. LOL

then we saw this! well yes, this short shoreline may be nothing but ordinary for most locals except for these kids who were having the time of their life. this was something remarkable for me because of the black sand and this was my first time to see one!

my ugly feet on the black sand and the black rocks!

my brother and i never ended berating each other on how we got completely lost. as cheesy as it may sound, we were taking in the peace and were being carefree!

and there's the harbor, where a lot of locals spent their quality time with their loved ones. a bit of a dating zone. however, we also saw some with their families.

again and again, the mayon volcano. :D

this is a great place to laze around, with the sea in front of you and the mayon volcano on your side. it's perfect for those heart to heart talks. LOL but i hope people would manage to keep their litter in the garbage cans and the filled-up garbage cans to be promptly taken away.

and back to kapuntukan hill...

どこか分かんない。。。;( do you happen to know where's the way to the top aside from doing superhero stuff in this cliff?


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