Monday, March 14, 2011

lingñon hill and japanese tunnel

we were up again early on our last day so that we could hike up the lingñon hill in the morning when the sun's heat is less of a torture. but who would start his day late when on vacation, anyway? you can always catch up with sleep when you're back home! i'm sure i've used this one quite a number of times already. :D

Lingñon Hill

we were able to come here as early as 7 am since we were staying in legazpi airport hotel and this hill was just near. if only we could walk across the runway, we could have saved that tricycle fare. :D

we saw a lot of locals taking their morning run, in this steep hill and i wish i could have the same healthy lifestyle. one thing i noticed was that, quite a number of these health buffs preferred to turn their mp3 players on speaker than with a pair of earphones. yes, we met some with the blaring music in their pockets. hehe

we couldn't pass up as runners since we were on slippers and thus, the security guard told us that we need to pay Php20 each which was kinda shady since he literally pocketed our money and explained that the in-charge had not come for the day. hmmmm oh well..

however, we just shrugged off that incident and we were rewarded anyhow with the scenic legazpi as seen from lingñon hill.

bringing of food is not allowed since there is a canteen on top of the hill and there's even chowking. we were able to sneak in our chips and water in my eco bag since the guard didn't bother to do an inspection. we never did eat on top anyway.

ziplines are becoming a feat in the entire country. any chance there is,  a zipline is installed.

we didn't go for this zipline since our time was limited and it would surely be expensive and beyond our financial status at that time. haha

do we even look alike?

Japanese Tunnel

the japanese tunnel is right after the gated entrance to lingñon hill. the tunnel is just short and it's well-lit with flourescent lamps. that's why, donations are deemed compulsory as implied by our guide.


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