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legazpi airport hotel

legazpi airport hotel is considerably a new accommodation in legazpi, located just inside the airport's perimeter. this comes convenient if some inopportune time you miss your flight and have to wait a few days till you get another flight out. hehe

there's not that much info about this hotel across the web yet. other known accommodations usually come up in the top searches but maybe it has that nifty post somewhere in the 100, 000th hit. ^^ well, that's an exaggeration 'coz i initially came across this hotel in backpacking philippines, which i now occasionally dig in for other travel tips with costs fairly in mind.

Legazpi Airport Hotel

it's so new that it's still under construction. :P the mound of sand at my back was used for the hotel's restaurant that was under construction at that time and it's only in their restaurant that you can access their wi-fi at great speed, probably because we were the only ones using that time.

this hotel is literally a stone's throw away from the airport's runway. if your plane is still taxiing the runway, you just have to climb the fence and run like a mad man to catch your plane. :P this hotel comes so convenient in very extraordinary ways. :D

why it worked for us?

1. with a jet lag and weary muscles, we just liked to settle the very moment we went through the airport's exit.

haha! we rode NO JET and surely there was no lag either. we even had ourselves weighed upon check-in so as to determine if our small plane would be overloaded or not.

it was like we wanted to feel that we settled in legazpi just fine without the hassle of negotiating a ride to some distant hotel and consequently get ripped off. it's sad that i always have this in mind every time i step out from any airport here in the country. ;( i know i shouldn't generalize.

2. reasonable rates

if the vicinity is within the airport let alone inside the airport, one would think super expensive rates!

but it was cheaper than i thought. i hope they can modify the inclusions with a complimentary breakfast. :D

3. basic accommodation

we were not into the grandest accommodation, being pampered and all that. if by some very slight chance we could have that, it would surely be a waste of money since we were out most of the time anyway.

these even surpass my basic accommodation. i'm only particular to safety and toilet.
- aircon
- toilet & bath, hot and cold normal shower (this is so argued by my brother because a cold shower is incorrectly termed since most of the time it doesn't involve refrigerants. so it's just normal water coming out that shower. T_T)
- cable television
- telephone
4. the airport is not that far from legazpi's center.

of  course, people will likely consider to go with accommodations at the heart of the city because everything is conveniently within reach. but legazpi's airport is just a 20-minute ride or so to the hustle and bustle and by a tricycle at that! tricycle fare is at Php50 or depending how less you can haggle and that's for the entire trip already, not for every person.

and we didn't go back and forth too often. only when it was time to hit the bed after an all day of fun and exhaustion.

5. it's SO NEAR the airport!

that's why it has its name as Legazpi Airport Hotel to begin with!

legazpi to cebu flight with cebu pacific is at 14:40 on tue/thu/sat. with an afternoon flight, we needed to squeeze in some activities in the morning to really make use of our time there. :D lingñon hill and albay park and wildlife were equally suited because these were both near.

6. there are no flights at night in legazpi.

though i'm not at all certainly sure if there are really no night flights because there's that very rare emergency landing that may happen. but during our stay, we comfortably slept with no noise of any aircraft touching down or taking off.

why it may not work for you?
1. you might want an accommodation that's nearer to the center of the city.
2. you might get hungry while in the hotel and would try some food aside from your hotel's restaurant.
3. you can get cheaper rates in other hotels.
4. confusing reservation process? i don't know if it was only in our case. i called up the hotel weeks before our stay to make our reservation. they however seemed not to take note of my reservation because every time i called, i was told that it was noted, implying no reference to my other reservation. i was calling them a number of times just to confirm and not to make another reservation again and again. ;( 

i asked if i needed to make a deposit but they told me that it was no longer necessary since i'm from cebu.


Legazpi Airport Hotel
(052) 481-0232 

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