Tuesday, March 1, 2011

cagsawa ruins from history books to reality

the picture of the mighty mayon volcano with the cagsawa ruins on its side was etched in my mind since my elementary days. i remember it in the history books that i never liked, in post cards and in charts hanging on my classrooms' walls.

there may be a moment or two in my life that i told myself, i'm surely gonna see the actual grandeur of mayon and the wonders of cagsawa ruins.

fast forward to almost 2 decades, i finally set foot in cagsawa ruins and marvel on mayon volcano! to my history teachers, thank you!

Cagsawa Ruins

Cagsawa Ruins and the Cloud-covered Mayon Volcano

a woman who sells her souvenirs in a lone hut near the rice fields, explained to us that since mayon volcano is a lady and is too shy, she only shows her entire beauty in schedules. one would have a better luck early in the morning, at high noon and late in the afternoon around 5pm.

i love rural areas. they seem to have wonderful stories for everything.

History of Cagsawa Ruins

my memory only functions visually and instantly cringes on words such as these.

Souvenirs in Cagsawa Ruins

like in every tourist spot in the philippines, stalls are also abound outside the gates of cagsawa ruins. i fancied particularly the colorful balls and imagined them hanging on some parts of the house for the summery feel. i also liked the crafty cagsawa ruins key chains. however, i only had these in pictures. i only bought small jars of sweetened pili for everyone back home.

Hey brother, it's not gonna clear out anytime soon.

Yes, just do the jump shot instead.

true enough, few minutes past 5pm, mayon volcano unveiled herself slowly. coincidence, perhaps?

To/From Cagsawa Ruins:
1. from legazpi airport, we took a tricycle (Php30 for the trip) until the road where we can find jeepneys that pass by cagsawa.
2. as suggested by the tricycle driver, we took the jeepney bound for polangui town. it was only a 20-minute ride minus the traffic. we hastily paid Php20 for the two of us since we almost overlooked the sign for the cagsawa ruins.
3. we then took a tricycle (Php20 for the short trip) up to the gates of the cagsawa ruins.
4. cagsawa ruins has an entrance fee of Php10/person.
5. in order to save a whopping Php20, we decided to walk on the way back to the highway where jeepneys ply back to legazpi.


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