Sunday, March 6, 2011

around legazpi city with madam

i like legazpi. it does not compel me to go anywhere by going through multitudes of people or do something in a rush. it’s just laid back.

given a day, one can already familiarize the main streets of albay’s capital city. transportation is the usual, jeepneys, more tricycles, and a few taxis which are almost toyota avanzas as what my brother and i had observed.

in what we had experienced, hailing a tricycle in legazpi  almost always went this way:
    me: manong sa _______ po. (we’re going to _______.)
    driver: sige po madam. (Yes, madam).
    me: magkano po? (how much?)
_______ lang madam. (just _______ madam).
i’m amused how they refer women in legazpi as madam, not only by the tricycle drivers but almost by everyone like the vendors.

Legazpi City’s Transportation

tricycle fares given to us were not consistent. there was one instance when we were charged less than we had paid in the same journey. so if you’re on a tight budget, haggling is the best way to get around. however, i think tricycle drivers in legazpi do not charge way more than the regular fare. just few extra pesos for their daily living.

Around Legazpi City

i insisted to my brother on walking since we didn’t have any particular destination in mind. walking has always been favourable to me. i can picture out easily an entire place even if i have to walk the same block a couple of times. :D

Albay's Capitol Building

As Seen Near the Capitol

i still don’t understand on what kind of satisfaction people can get  when they make nonsense vandals on every supposedly spotless structure. some are just plain show off of their affiliations and their cool aliases.  a far cry from a mural!

Cathedral of San Gregorio Magno

we were trying to blend with the locals by not asking directions or anything as much as possible. we relied on the image map of legazpi city in my brother’s cam which he took in our hotel. in the map, the old railway is still present even if it had no longer been in operation for a long time. the curiosity got me and i wanted to see it even if my brother tried to discourage me that it’s like a regular railway, only gone bad.

 Old Philippine National Railway

i never kept my hopes high and i somehow expected something like this, just remnants of the philippine national railway (PNR). it had then led us to a political discussion on how government projects are likely to dwindle through time. anyway, i won’t vent my frustrations here but i will try to look at the better side of things instead. i hope.

moving on...

A monument in the intersection near LCC mall.

i particularly loved the cool weather in legazpi which favours for an aimless walk. though i’m not sure come summertime.


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