Monday, March 21, 2011

albay park and wildlife

we still had a few hours left before our flight that afternoon but we weren't too lax either because if we missed our flight, we would be stuck in legazpi for another 2 days, till we can fly back to cebu. or we could go to manila and catch a plane from there but heck, it's too far out already! yes it was boring 'coz we made it on time. :P

back to a roadside wildlife, well with just a few steps away from the road to lingñon hill, we met time and again another set of derelict caged animals. ;(

Albay Park and Wildlife

entrance fees to the park are inexpensive.
adult - Php20
child (above 1.2 meters) - Php20
child (below 1.2 meters) - Php10
senior citizen (need to present an ID) - Php10

the height i think is purely subjective because i didn't see anything that can measure one's height. we were given standard tickets that are used in most tourist spots in legazpi but we were then asked a few meters away from the counter to drop the tickets in a box. i hope they do recycle those tickets.

we were still near the park's entrance when we saw these huge cages that house a lot of monkeys. we even got carried away that we went at the back of these cages and we met another monkeys in small cages. i even pissed off one monkey that was busy eating its bread that time.

i should have been more careful and have stepped back further before i realized that it could stretch out its arm and grab my cam. it sure was pissed off! sorry... and another holler for madam telling us that it's prohibited to be at the back of the cages. oops... our bad.

i have been to a number of zoos already but here are the animals that i saw for the first time or i found interesting. :)

Palawan Bear Cat and a Bird with Red Eyes (I forgot its name. huhu)


Ostriches literally picking on each other's feathers!

 A Wild Boar!

A Male Philippine Deer and His Hornless Female Counterpart

 And I thought at first, this wasn't real! LOL

My brother got fooled with this gymnast carabao 'coz
he thought it's 3-legged!

my brother doesn't like zoos because he wants these animals in their natural habitat, running wild and free. but brother, a zoo is a lesser evil than the extinction of these animals. sadly, in today's life we don't have much choice but to settle with the lesser evil. ;(


albay park and widlife is a great weekend activity for kids! this outdoorsy feel is a great alternative to that television.

and i particularly love this there. :D


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