Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my travel notes: vigan and clark

i am used to long bus travels or so i thought, until i had experienced a much longer one from clark to vigan. i prefer to take short travels in order not to waste time and be able to get to my destination as fast as i can. that's why, i love to fly rather than take boats.

besides, time is of the essence for a working slave like me since vacation leaves don't come around very often. however, this perspective had been challenged during my travel to vigan.

and here are my notes about the entire trip. some lessons learned for my next. 

  • For longer routes that would take 8 hours or so, as much as possible take the night bus.

 i don't want to remember my travel with only the pains of sitting forever, dozing off and counting stops in a bus. i may be able to experience a preview of  many places but it will still all be fleeting in my memory.

  • Store/bank/building signs with addresses are really helpful. They can even save lost souls.

i am a person who wants to know where i am. like when i travel back home, i can almost always tell which town i am through my landmarks as negligible as an ordinary house, a tree or anything that leaves imprint to my mind.

now the travel to vigan and clark was a challenge for me. good thing, establishments are generous with their signs, even including the name of the province.

  • When travelling, always have someone on call in case you may need help.

i know travelling with no definite plans is most likely to have more glitches on the way. well, it's also incredibly fun when you just trust your instinct and feet to wherever you may end up. let loose!

yes we were exactly doing that in our bus travel from vigan to clark but in order not to feel the guilt especially to our parents, we knew we had to keep ourselves safe and sound.

i'm so thankful for breinn who acted as an on-call help for us, finding resorts and accommodations. of course, text messages to my parents were already screened and messages were always reassuring. ;)

  • When going to an entirely new place, familiarize or better yet memorize the neighboring places' name.

i know i may not be blessed with a wonderful memory but at least, my memory can still hold the directions and places' names that i need to remember. ever since google map came to existence in the web, it had been my guide to entirely new places that i fearlessly and confidently tread alone.

i also like to imagine on which direction i'm heading. north or south? east or west? though vigan and clark route may be fairly easy to others but knowing the route and preempting where we would be next are enough reassurances for me.


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