Sunday, February 27, 2011

itinerary: legazpi, albay and donsol, sorsogon

first out of cebu travel for me this year. this getaway was filled with drama as i had to cancel everything the night before but decided to continue anyway barely 4 hours before our flight. just imagine the panic and excitement chaos involved for i still had to prepare in a dash! together with me on this was my brother.

since i'm a cheap ass flier, we took cebu pacific's flight from cebu to legazpi with tickets bought during the carrier's promo fares. oh yeah!

Day 1:
    13:10    ETD for Legazpi City from Mactan International Airport
    14:20    ETA in Legazpi Domestic Airport
                  Check-in at Legazpi Airport Hotel here
    15:00    Go to Cagsawa Ruins here
    18:00    Head back to Legazpi Airport Hotel 

                  Headed to Embarcadero since it was still early to go back. here
    18:30    Dinner in Smoke n Grill? Or the restaurant in the hotel. 

                  Dinner at LCC Mall's Food Court. here
    20:00    Free Time Head back to Legazpi Airport Hotel

Day 2:
    05:30    Wake up!
    06:00    Go to Terminal for Donsol by tricycle.
                ~ Have a quick breakfast in the terminal or bring food for breakfast.
    07:00  07:45  Head to Donsol by Van      
    08:30  09:00  Arrive in Donsol (Be sure to ask about return trips to Legazpi.) 

                ~ Register in Butanding Visitor Center, Barangay Dancalan
                ~ Hopefully butanding encounter! here
    11:30   Go for Lunch around Brgy Dancalan 

                Decided to have lunch in Legazpi instead.
    13:30    Head back to Legazpi              
    14:30    Arrive in Legazpi

                ~ Late lunch at Small Talk Cafe here
                ~ Tour around Legazpi
                   Embarcadero de Legazpi and Kapuntukan Hill here

                   Walk around Legazpi's Center 
                            (Cathedral, City Hall, Old Railway of PNR) here
                   Battle of Legazpi Monument
                   Unknown Hero's Monument
                   The Japanese Tunnel
                   Liberty Bell
                   St. Raphael Parish Church
    18:30    Dinner in Small Talk Cafe 

                  Dinner take-out from McDonalds. lol
    20:00    Head back to Legazpi Airport Hotel

Day 3:
    06:00    Wake up!                   
    07:00    Have breakfast in the hotel 

                  Only ate bread, bought the night before. haha
    08:00    Go to Lingñon Hill here and Albay Zoo here
    10:30    Head back to Legazpi Airport Hotel                  
    12:00    Checkout and Have lunch in the hotel the airport canteen.
    13:00    Check-in, Wait for Boarding (Hope for no flight delays.)                   
    14:40    ETD for Cebu from Legazpi Domestic Airport               
    15:45    ETA in Mactan International Airport                  
                ~ Back to reality, baby,


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