Wednesday, January 5, 2011

started it in bigby's

i am just into eating. food would always be my comfort and my stress reliever and that's why i'm really having a problem getting rid of the extra fat persistently clinging around my waist. a lot of people tell me to do sit-ups regularly but i had never put any of my health intentions into action. i even had this wild aspiration to have a somewhat perfect body by summertime. haha!

but that would have to remain as a bleak dream for now since i started to binge in bigby's on the 2nd day of the year. ;)


Passion Fish

one of my favorites in bigby's. although, there were times when the oil seemed to have been used for too much frying.

Tapa Bai

it sizzled way too much that the oil smeared my blouse, my bag, and the table. i should have told the waiter to place it in the middle of the table. one thing i love about tapa bai is that it has the right spiciness suited for my taste.

Boomerang Shrimp

three shrimps are really not enough. :(

Belly Sizzlers

the sauce was great although there was too much fat in this belly. even then, you could just smothered the fat with the sauce!

all of these food were in go-easy serving and i am pretty sure that it would be one big feast if we had it in bigger servings. ;)


2nd Level
SM City Cebu - North wing


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