Monday, January 17, 2011

sinulog 2011: procession, rain, and children's play

here comes again sinulog.  i could still remember the agonizing experience of getting through crowds last year and again this time, i'm bracing myself for another body collisions. i expect  this year to be worst than ever due to the rain and the foreboding clouds, hovering cebu since the first day of the year.

but no way i'm complaining. if this is somehow my really small way to be a part of the celebration for the child Jesus, then i'm up for it because i'm not one of those people who are really dedicated to their faith because i sometimes fail in attending masses, had my last confession like a long time ago, and among other things.

Sinulog Procession

Heavy Downpour during the Procession

my sister and i decided to join the sinulog procession even with the impending rain, thinking the deed would serve  like some sort of a little sacrifice. the procession happens the day before the sinulog street dancing which is every 3rd sunday of january. i last joined the sinulog procession back in high school and that was like eons ago. nah, i wouldn't be talking about my age here.

we waited for breinn in caltex gasoline station, near south bus terminal since the procession would pass by here and i know it would be a really long wait since he's from mandaue. lol

Procession Route
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just then we had our resolve to join the procession, the rain had its worst downpour. we stayed in caltex for a long time, hoping the rain would subside but the rain never cooperated with us.

The Mighty People

i commend these people who still joined the procession even if their umbrellas did not really offer much protection against the rain. these people who dared to walk the streets that were equally drenched with the overflowing narrow canals of the city, all hail to them!

though this time the rain was our enemy, the rain was these children's joy.

learning from these kids, one can always see the brighter side of things that instead of wallowing the unfavorable things, might as well savor the subtle joys. ^_^


more of my sinulog pics here.



  1. Wow! With all that rain... I still enjoyed Sunday's parade.

    Hi! It's dazzling to see a fellow Cebuano at innit. hehehe

  2. lagi. nice gihapon though ga.ulan2. :D