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sinulog 2011 grand parade

with just three weeks unto the new year and before the traces of christmas festivities bid its goodbye, cebu was once again set for a festive mood for the sinulog. the excitement was not only shared by the cebuanos but with local and foreign tourists as well, who flocked the small city for this grand celebration.

having witnessed sinulog for 13 years, i must say that it keeps on getting bigger and grander every year, though this year's sinulog was celebrated under stubborn dark gray skies, pouring down rain most of the day but this did not stop the people from celebrating. the procession and the fluvial parade for the Sto. Niño were still successful and peaceful amidst the rain's rage.

sinulog is formally started off with a 9-day novena with masses being held everyday in the Basilica Del Sto. Niño in downtown area of the city. many cebuano catholics have this promise (panaad, in local dialect) to complete this 9-day novena as sort of indulgence and sacrifice while offering personal prayers to Sto. Niño.

and then after these events, sinulog is concluded with the most awaited grand parade or the street dancing with final presentations of the contigents in the cebu city sports complex.

Sinulog Grand Parade

A  Contingent from Danao

Another Dancing Contingent Along Osmeña Blvd

veneration for the Sto. Niño during sinulog is not mainly in cebu but it spreads across the visayas and mindanao regions, with a number of participants coming from really far places like lanao del norte in mindanao.

Magellan's Cross Float

Cardinal Palma Higante (Giant)

joining the grand parade were also several floats of private companies, with advertising still in mind of course, giants and puppets representing recently talked about personalities. the giant above is for cardinal palma who is recently appointed as the new archbishop of cebu, replacing cardinal vidal.

as an added boost for the participants (though, this isn't really the main goal here.), contests are made out of this grand parade. for the dancing contingents, judging for who stands out the most is in two categories, sinulog-based category and the free interpretation category. there are also awards for the best float, giant, puppeter, and among others.

Sinulog 2011 Grand Parade Route
Map Courtesy of

there were more participants this year, so the parade had to start earlier than the usual in order to finish on time. the roads above were closed and multitudes of people were expected to flood the streets in order to witness the street dancing. revelers had to wear their most comfortable shoes or slippers whichever one preferred, so as to avoid blisters from all the walking.

Tired Dancers

Lead Dancer, Having a Quick Snack

i really could tell the agony that these participants had to go through since beneath those smiles were exhaustion and body pains but then again, it's one great sacrifice for their faith.

I just love the girl's smile.


though sinulog may seem to be one great party for others and a time to finally see their favorite local celebrities, i hope the celebration remains well deeply rooted in the christian faith.

more sinulog pictures here.


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