Monday, January 24, 2011

sinulog 2011 fireworks

the best way to end a grand celebration with a big bang is to have a fireworks display and sinulog would not be the last in line for this. as always, sinulog was again ended with a fireworks display in cebu city sports complex or widely known as abellana, where the sinulog dancing contingents showcased their winning performances. two other fireworks displays were also held in ayala center cebu and sm city cebu in separate occasions. however in sm, it was a fireworks competition with participants coming from all over the philippines. it was held the day before the sinulog grand parade. unfortunately this year, i failed to watch the competition due to the incessant downpour. tsk

with regards to the fireworks in ayala, we (my sister, my cousin, and breinn) didn't bother to go there, after the street dancing since it was again about to rain. we instead decided to go home and just wait for the fireworks  in abellana. we were sure that it would push through, no matter what.

Abellana's Fireworks

this was one of the few instances that reminded us that there was an ongoing fireworks display in abellana. too few, i say...

because most of the time we were seeing something like this. lol

since abellana was just a block away from our house, we opted to wait at the comforts of our house and set  our ears in remarkable condition for the sound of the fireworks. at the onset of the fireworks display, we eagerly dashed to the streets (yes, people owned the streets during sinulog.) and raised our necks like giraffes to get a good view of the fireworks display.

finally, a spark of hope!

and there was more! this would just do even these electrical wires destroyed its fiery delight and i don't know how to get rid of these in photoshop or even in gimp. you can see an L in my forehead now.

boo!! just then we were on an incredible high, our emotions came to a halt time and again, for we were only seeing something like this.

the following were some of the fireworks we adored since they proudly went sky high.

though, i was a bit late here.

good thing, the fireworks' glow still prevailed even if it was joined by the ever-present-in-the-entire-occasion, rain. i even had breinn holding an umbrella while i busied myself taking few nice shots and more futile ones.

i wish next year, they would have fireworks that would display figures or characters in the sky. like, a heart or something. :D

more sinulog pictures here.


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