Thursday, January 27, 2011

sinulog 2011 casa verde

my last post for sinulog. i have to finish these installments right on time and catch up with the remaining sinulog feel in the air. just yesterday, the colorful sinulog banners that used to hang above cebu's main streets, were removed.

although this particular post isn't really about sinulog but on how we fend off ourselves from total breakdown, after we patiently stood for HOURS in order to revel on the sinulog grand parade.  we had no choice but to stand forever since aside from the damp sidewalks, we were also in constant battle for a limited standing space. 

we chose to join the throng of crowds along osmeña boulevard, instead of being contented to watch the parade near our home. to think that we only had to go outside our house and then, right in front of us would be the sinulog contingents. however, we liked to believe that most of them were tired, since they had just finally performed in abellana. so, all we could see in their faces were relief and the joy that it was finally over, marred unfortunately with exhaustion.

anyway, when dinnertime came, we eventually had to give in to our needed comfort, for the love of our stomachs and feet.

Casa Verde

Casa Verde Main Branch

Again, The Ribs!

my sister had been wanting casa verde ever since i told her about the sinful death by chocolate. aside from yogurt, she's also crazy about anything chocolate! so, casa verde was on her mind when we were deciding on where to eat and i also need to gratify myself with the ribs, once again.

but i think this serving is smaller than before. what do you think?

 Caryl's Country Salad

to lessen the guilt of another indulgence, we ordered a salad. my cousin suggested the country salad as opposed to my usual watermelon salad which i could pass up that time. the country salad also has the bread and ultra sweet butter pair like the watermelon salad although it's more filling because of the crispy chicken strips, which we fell in love with by the way. the lettuce and the great dressing complete the guilt-free relish.

Sausage - Botifarra

i couldn't quite recall the name of this food except that it's something to do with sausages. i only found out the botifarra from our receipt, though "butifaras" was stated there and when i looked it up in the internet, i could only find the word "botifarra" in wiki and it's "butifarra" in spanish wiki. i just have to leave this lost in translation case to the elite fine diners.

the sausage/botifarra was dry and it reminded me of the longganiza in vigan, ilocos sur but breinn still swiftly devoured the sausages, maybe because of hunger.

 Raspberry Iced Tea in a Pitcher

i've noticed that many restaurants now offer drinks in a pitcher, which is quite a good buy if you're many. it will be a problem though, if one in your group drinks his share in a flash. :D

in most restaurants, when you order an iced tea, you wouldn't have to decide on what flavor unlike in  casa verde that has two iced tea variations, the raspberry and the panama orange. i remembered the panama orange to be just like any regular orange that overpowers the tea. with the raspberry iced tea, well it's raspberry and i love raspberry!

Around Casa Verde's Main Branch

Cashier Area

Non-Aircon Area

Entrance/Waiting Area

Outside Tables

 The Incredible House/Restaurant


our food was worth:


The Casa Verde Gang

since we were too full at that time, we regretfully skipped the death by chocolate. till next time!

Casa Verde Main Branch
69 V. Ranudo Ext./Lim Tian Teng*
Contact Numbers: (032) 253-6472 / (032) 253-8234

more casa verde pics here.
*an equivalent chinese street name, since a lot of filipino chinese live in the area?


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