Friday, January 7, 2011

rai rai ken de hitori...


if you are seeing some garbled texts above, maybe you don't have your language settings set to identify japanese characters. i won't be having some quick tutorial with that in here but i would just suggest you go for google instead. ;)

on second thought, it's just the japanese equivalent of the blog title anyway and it's really nonsense for you to go to that extent. it just means "alone in rai rai ken". i don't know what the online translators will exactly do for you because some translations could even confuse you more.

oh well, this is not a japanese tutorial blog because i am no expert. in order to keep my sanity, i had given up learning the language more than a year ago. all i can muster are some few greetings, several nods, and a few lines that even a 2-year old japanese kid can do way better than me. lol

and i blabber away too much...

Rai-Rai Ken

My Food!

oh, don't be fooled with that ramen in the pic. it's just a snack ramen, a half-size ramen served in rai rai ken, it park. it's only in this branch that they have this version. perfect for those like me who still want to make a room for other food. however, they only offer it for kantonmen. just too bad.

anyway, you can opt for a spicy kantonmen. i wasn't sure though if that was what the waiter meant or  he was telling me that i could have a snack ramen for garlic chili ramen. i swear, he told me about something "spicy"! i guess he is new so he could probably mean the chili as spicy. haha! don't ever talk to me when i'm so hungry for i won't understand anything.


so what is kantonmen? well, it's a ramen with mixed vegetables, mixed seafoods, and pork in (shoyu) soy sauce based soup. a description cheat from their menu. ;)) i love the veggies because it wasn't overcooked and the pork was tender but the soup could use more shoyu. good thing, they got shoyu in every table. with regards to the seafoods part, i never realized that it was there. :-/

Salmon Balls

instead of gyoza, i ordered this one hoping against hope that i wouldn't get disappointed. it's made up of salmon and potato rolled into a ball and thank heavens, i so love it! the salmon complements well with the potato and it comes with a sweet sauce for one great combination!

Red Iced Tea

another extra sweet iced tea for me. i guess it's really hard to find here an iced tea drink in which i could only taste the tea. i know it wouldn't sell in the market since most filipinos prefer their drink to be sweet rather than bland or bitter.

this had been my 30-minute rai-rai ken experience alone, since my food buddy is out there working his arse off in manila. :D

for me, rai-rai ken has decent japanese food which are not in preposterous prices. though, i've come to know from the real japanese people that they don't much like it there. the sushi and sashimi could not measure up to their standards. duh! hehe


for being a japanese restaurant, rai rai ken is most famous for their ramen and i think it's one of the good ramens here in cebu. although, i still have to go to a few japanese restaurants left in my invisible list.

a little trivia. as pondered by my japanese manager before, rai rai ken is more of a chinese name than a japanese. oh well, most of the japanese words do have chinese origins anyway.

Rai-Rai Ken
GF I2, IT Park
Apas, Cebu City

They also have several stores in Cebu, like in SM, Ayala, and Robinsons.


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