Thursday, January 13, 2011

mooning over mooon

i just so blame the walk, it park for hoarding some of the great food finds here in cebu, even including mooon! a mexican-inspired restaurant (as they claimed in their menu) which had grown from their main branch in residential guadalupe and out to the city midst. though, i still find the main branch quaint and appealing for it being an old house and having transformed into a cozy dining place. yes, this is one of the many remodeled old houses in cebu, aside from casa verde (please see my post here.) and stk ta bay! (here). now, i had covered two three in here. more to go!

anyway, since i had painstakingly endured the jeepney rides this week and i even had to wear a pair of slippers to work and carried my gratifying heels on top of my usual gargantuan load, i rewarded myself a lunch treat in mooon. haha!

even though it is one of those "ting-bitay" (suicidal) days, as we fondly call the few days before we finally have our volatile salaries into our payroll accounts, my urge to eat just went overboard my logic and sense of frugality.


Mooon's Food Weapons

while waiting for food. ;) due to my very dependable camera phone, the napkin's color turned from bright orange into a very pale one. lol

Beef Tips

it's a sauteed sizzling beef strips topped with onion rings and gravy sauce, served in a hot plate and good thing, it didn't sizzle excessively or else, the smell of beef would be all over my clothes! lol

based on their menu, it is a certified US beef. though, i could not tell for sure if it was not. i just love the beef for it being tender and not the type in which i would need to exercise my mouth.

this is recommended by the way, by my food buddy who is still exiled in the capital.

Beef Tips' Pair, The Garlic Rice

i have this thing for oily food and for a while there, i was deciding on where the excessive oil came from, the beef tips or from the garlic rice and while i was half-way devouring my food, i found out that it was the rice after all. well, i just had to forgive this one. :D

My Calamansi Soda

i don't care if this is not worth mentioning. haha


though my food is not anything mexican, mooon is yes, mexican-inspired. aside from the mooon girls, wearing these colorful samba skirts, mooon also offers some of their great versions of mexican food, like quesadillas, burritos, and nachos among others.

The Walk, IT Park
Apas, Cebu City
(032) 412-8795

Other Mooons:
Mooon Guadalupe, Main Branch - (032) 253-3635
Mooon Ayala Terraces - (032) 417-1701
Mooon Parkmall - (032) 505-3965
Mooon Robinson's Cybergate - (032) 505-5582
*Contact Numbers from Yummy Cebu. ;)



  1. wow! where is your travel buddy now? :P you really did go there huh.. i miss that one. also, the other beef strips in their menu. the one with carrots and sweetcorn as side dish. :D

  2. aw naa diay ana. dili pud to katong mooon steak? hmmm i think sayop ka ug giingon nako!