Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a dark and gloomy new year

cebu welcomed the new year with overcast skies, chills, and rain showers and the dreariness seemed to last up to this day. however, there was no storm advisory from pag-asa (the philippine weather bureau) and we are just experiencing just another cold front.

well, back to my very first day in 2011, my family and i attended a wedding of a relative. i fought my sleepiness due to vacation sloth, with the urge of checking out san remegio beach club, which has made quite a name for a long time already.

San Remegio Beach Club

Swimming Pool for Adults

i haven't known how deep it is since there was no indication around the pool but perhaps, i wasn't just too observant and i didn't ask any of the staff.

Swimming Pool for Kids

yay! the pool for me!

the guests crowded the gazebo because the rain continued to torment the entire occasion. the reception should have been in the garden so, i'd heard.

my relative married an austrian who is a biologist based in japan. i really couldn't assure how  true is that since i was even told beforehand that the guy is an american and then later on turned into an austrian. this mistake does happen most of the time since everyone will likely regard a foreigner (with a caucasian build) into being an american.

The Food

 i love their food but it's too bad that it wasn't enough for everybody. :( the refills didn't come on time. it must have something to do with the estimates on the number of guests and my sister and i were kinda freeloaders at that time. ;)) shhhh!

around the resort...

The Shore

i was gravely disappointed with their shore and i think that it still wouldn't make much of a difference if it was high tide.

more of their shore...

that square over there is akin to a pool wherein it will be filled with water when the tide is high enough and i actually doubt if guests still use it since it isn't appealing at all.

still around their shore, the following had made us asked, "why? what the heck happened here?"

some party gone wrong? there were even broken wine glasses.

well, enough of their shore. it was as if i had been to a prohibited room with some dirty little secrets.

more on what you will admire when you enter their gates.

Cafe Gloria, Their Restaurant


san remegio beach club was a buzz back then and i don't know if it is still now. i don't know what happened. for not just being an average resort is only up to their gardens, their restaurant, their pool and maybe also with their rooms, i hope.

their shore is like something hideous hidden in their backyard.

i hope i would have a better experience someday. for other resorts in san remegio, you can check them here.

San Remegio Beach Club
Tambongon, San Remegio, Cebu
Take the Road going to Tabuelan

i suggest with a 4x4. ;)


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