Saturday, January 8, 2011

casa verde overload

casa verde has been quite successful for the past few years, having expanded to two more branches with its first expansion in the walk, it park. a short time thereafter, another casa verde opened in the terraces, ayala center cebu, giving their loyal customers more convenience as compared to their inconspicuous main branch near ramos street. it's one of the many restaurants in cebu that have humble beginnings in their remodeled ancestral houses and turning these into homey restaurants.

with casa verde in it park, stressed-out slaves here, need not go far in order to appease themselves with good food. they indeed have a lot to thank for, with casa verde and other restaurants' convenient location.

more convenient for me since i would only have to go down my building's elevator, do a little walk to the walk (har har) and then there's casa verde! this time, i tagged my parents along since they're in town.

Casa Verde

Brian's Ribs

the infamous ribs in casa verde! talking about casa verde, it's always about the ribs, its uber delicious flavor and the insane serving! it's a crime not to order this one.


Iced Tea, Four Seasons Shake, Pineapple Shake

the iced tea is bottomless but unfortunately the shakes are not. if you are on a tight budget, better to be mindful on what drinks you order. in our case, the total price of our drinks was almost half of our food bill. tsk

Death by Chocolate

what a sweet way to die! my parents and i were awed on how humongous this sinful treat is!

The Core

it's a huge chunk of chocolate ice cream and it's so chocolaty right to the very core! it has some nuts and a hard cookie as its base. though, it's a chocolate ice cream you can get in stores, with how the ice cream turned into something like this is one masterpiece.

The Aftermath

Death by Chocolate Leftover

true to its name, we almost died with chocolate overload. :)) that's why we had to leave that part right there but anyway, the cookie was just too hard. :-/


whatever happened to the ribs... ;))


when indulging with good food, you can never go wrong with casa verde. the price, the taste, and the servings. but anyhow, i can't still afford to have this treat on daily basis.

two issues we unfortunately had:

1) since there were no available tables inside, we really didn't mind eating outside amid the high noon humidity but we really did mind the flies hovering around us while we were eating, landing on some part of our table and even on our food. the candle provided for us, was a failure because after a while, the light succumbed to the wind.

my mother wondered where the flies had come from since the place was clean. that was answered when i was heading back to my building. there at the farther end of the walk, were piled up trash ready for collection. omg, and those were huge flies!

2) when outside, the waiters just tend to forget you. however, we just let it go since we were deep into our conversation but when the bill time came, it really did take a very long time. i had to go inside to ask again for our bill and it turned out that the cashier forgot us all along!

anyway, minus those, it will still be a good experience for you. i promise. ;)

Casa Verde
The Walk, IT Park
Apas, Cebu City


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