Saturday, January 15, 2011

banana leaf @ take 2!

he's back! finally. just in time for the grandest event in cebu, sinulog! sinulog is a festive occasion in honor of Sto. Niño (the child Jesus) that happens every 3rd sunday of january. i will be having that in my next posts. ;)

it was friday again and the payroll was just in time to make my day, aside of course breinn, getting back from his exile in the capital. our glutton minds resynced in an instant and we then racked our brains on where we could eat to our stomachs' content.

i might have suggested one or two places but i told him that it was his call that night since he probably missed cebu and wanted to eat something cebuano.

Banana Leaf

though this is no way cebuano. ;))

Banana Leaf Cracklings

we ended up in banana leaf and our stomachs were already in a riot by the time we reached here. while we waited for our food, we had to eat the free cracklings that they served us. if our stomachs had been in a different state, we could have just ignored the cracklings since it was way too cold, rather oily (though, i can be too nitpicky with oil.), and a vinegar dip could have compensated the cracklings' failures.

so why did we end up here? well at first, he wanted mooon and he was just good in it park but i didn't like mooon at that time, so i suggested that we head to ayala instead. i know, i may have put the decision in his hands that time, but i really did find ways to make him decide the place that i liked.

the evil in me was even relieved that mooon in ayala was expectedly full. ;)) after a couple of turns in the overly crowded terraces, he decided on banana leaf while i was hoping he would give in to my suggestion for lemon grass. better luck next time! :D

He was just tired and hungry 
but good thing, not grumpy.

we told the waitress that we wanted the table in their second level and we just wondered why she needed to verify to her colleague and her colleague to the other one and the other one to their manager if it was ok. yes, we waited longer than we should have.

Banana Leaf's Second Level

i just referred their elevated part as a second level because i can't think of a word that's more appropriate. i made the picture to be intentionally blurry for these people's anonymity for i never asked their permission.

their second level is a good spot since you can see straight ahead the stage in the terraces. performing that night were some of the "kapuso" (GMA TV Network) stars whom we never recognized. so sorry. =(

Tables in Banana Leaf's Second Level

Banana Leaf's Dizzying Swirl Design!

food finally...

Crispy Spring Rolls Vietnamese Style

the spring rolls came with a sweet chili sauce and they were indeed crispy. i suggest you to eat this separately and follow what it should be, as an appetizer. just too bad for us since all our orders almost came at the same time so we had to eat the spring rolls together with the rice and it wasn't a good combination!

Steamed Hainanese Rice

it is a flavored rice and again, it doesn't suit well with the spring rolls. our first impression was that it was made of sticky rice and we were relieved that it was not! this is one big serving in a bowl which i think is a really good deal for your 30php.

Malayan Chicken Curry with Potatoes

in order to have something safe, we decided to have the chicken curry with eggplants like last time but we mistakenly ordered the malayan chicken curry. i think it still has the same flavor as the thai green chicken curry although darker in color and potatoes instead of eggplants. yes, both have the same great flavor!

Real Fresh Buko (Coconut) Juice!

i was even stopping breinn from ordering the buko juice because fresh in menus would never be that fresh as it should be. i was thinking that it would be one of those "fresh" buko juice in sealed plastic cups. to my surprise, it was one real fresh buko juice straight from a real buko!

one fake smile
by a hungry pig. lol

i was really laughing in this, since
i failed to turn off the 2-second self-timer
of my cam. i just found it funny.
i'm silly, i know.

we tried this at first.:D
that's why,
we had the self-timer. lol


it was a good comeback to banana leaf and we picked just the right food for our stomachs.  on a funny note, since we are cutesy eaters, we weren't able to finish our food and we had the remaining wrapped for take-out. due to the i-don't-know-what-happened-to-the-waiter occurence, he included their menu for drinks in our take-out plastic! lol

no, we did not return the menu since we only realized the menu's presence when we were  already far from banana leaf.

anyway, banana leaf offers cuisines from our neighboring asian countries namely, malaysia, singapore, vietnam, thailand, india, and indonesia. though technically, india is a far away neighbor. they boast some awards in their site and those awards are not for nothing, i must say. ;)

Banana Leaf
G/L, The Terraces at Ayala Center Cebu,
Tel: (032) 233-3321


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