Wednesday, December 22, 2010

shakeys that christmas rush!

i had been raiding the mall thrice in 2 days now. talk about beating that christmas rush. ;) well, i'm not really keen on that. i know i should learn making a list way beforehand but i just ended up making a lot of lists and lost each one every time.

after buying the final things i need for breinn's gift, i suggested that we would have dinner and take a break from the chaos even for a while. yeah, he's with me all the time and empathizes me so well with my christmas panic. carrying stuff and all that...


Salad, Chicken n' Pizza

Bunch of Lunch

we're both fans of their combo meals 'coz we can have a bit of everything we love. though, the mojos are only just about a few. i've tried their combo meals several times and they don't  always come with a dip for mojos. i haven't tried asking for one though, thinking it wouldn't be free of charge.

Chicken n' Corn Soup

he had this instead of having his default creamy mushroom soup, which was not available at that time. it tasted good except that it was served kinda cold. tsk


we had better shakey's experiences before. i don't know if it's just this branch, wherein we also had an interesting incident a long time ago. anyway, since it's the holidays, we understand that they need to attend to many customers but at least they should not forget the basics.

(1) they forgot to serve our gravy for our chicken and our extra rice.
(2) making a follow-up took a lot longer than usual.
(3) and the soup served was kinda cold.

i wonder why they don't have that forever survey like in shakey's it park.

but still, have a merry christmas shakey's! ;)

Ayala Center Cebu


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