Saturday, December 25, 2010

the sea, the sun, and christmas

i'm home during this short holiday vacation, i now have. yeah, one of the trade-offs of transferring to another company. i no longer have that almost 2-week christmas vacation. back in my previous company, they exchange saturdays in order to have a longer vacation. i never heard of any other company that does that.

anyway, i'm just as happy that i'm home for christmas. for the nth time around, it's christmas at the beach!

Lingay Beach Resort, San Remegio

Lingay at Low Tide

Lingay at High Tide

i can no longer count on how many times we went here. but i know for sure, we also had our christmas here last year! my family feels just as happy on what they have been used to. i wonder, why am i the exact opposite?

by the time we arrived, the sea was in its lowest tide. although, i found it dramatic and sad. facing the water-deprived sea, i could ponder on my life's drama, even including  the question on when all the water would be back.

Lingay's Beach

it got white sands, alright. strictly speaking, it's not really white but a shade of yellow. haha! but who cares?!

Lingay's Sand

click and zoom the picture! ;) it's a beautiful sand, right? not too fine. not too coarse.

The Amenities

(1) cottages

we rented one of these for our day use. not too evident in the pic, the resort is elevated from the shore. yes, you need to go down  through a number of steps in order to reach the sea. or if you have a talent in jumping, you might as well do that.

we were supposed to pay php400 (including our entrance fees) but since it's christmas and with my cousin's charm, we had it for only php300! ain't that cheap? we were more than 15, by the way.

(2) rooms

i don't know much about their rooms since we had never spent a night here.

(3) swimming pool

i wasn't able to take a picture of their swimming pool. it isn't visible to those guests who don't pay php100. i found it expensive considering i could tell from afar that it's a small pool. nothing fancy. not even a mini slide for kids.


it's a decent beach resort near home. we got more than our money's worth, considering we are a big family. my aunts, uncles, cousins, and everyone else, who are home for christmas.

compared last year,  the resort is not that well-tended.  though, i don't mean the trash. it sure is lack on maintenance. the cottage, the mini-gates to the shore, the unfixed bamboo benches, and the over-grown plants. i hope they do something about it.

Lingay Beach Resort
Poblacion, San Remegio, Cebu
At the back of the Town's Catholic Church


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