Saturday, December 11, 2010

manilay day 1: paradizoo in tagaytay

on my 3rd post for tagaytay and still not on manila. hehe

from tagaytay, manila seemed to be far away with a lot of places worthy for visits. we were supposed to be conscious of our time for manila ocean park was planned after tagaytay but we were taking it nice and slow. we blamed it on the cameras!

Paradizoo, Tagaytay

The Milky White Lion in Paradizoo

this is just a cub and i wonder how big it could get if it's fully grown. scary!

The Baby Tiger

they got also a baby tiger which you can feed through a feeding bottle, of course. the baby tiger easily emptied the bottle each time. for those people who want to have a close encounter with the baby tiger and have an expensive photo taken, the bottle would just be refilled in small amounts.

The Other Animals

these are some of their animals. paradizoo also houses a lot of aquariums. they also got shrewd-looking monkeys, a number of reptiles including snakes, pony, goats, among others. they also have pythons which you can wrap around your neck and body for a picture. however when we were there, there's no one in-charged in the booth except a small gagged python!

Zip-Line and Cable Car

you pay 150 (per person) and you get to do the zip-line and the cable car. zip-line comes first and then you go back through a cable car. well, it's somewhat like a cable car. the background is again taal which is really the highlight in tagaytay. most establishments got taal as their backdrop.

getting back through the cable car is kinda scary since the car would be stopped halfway and the car would be moved a little bit downwards a number of times. the sound of the creaking metals made it more scary. i really hope it's safe!


paradizoo is one good weekend activity for a family with kids. though, priced expensively i think. well, if this is what you get around the nation's capital for that worth.

Paradizoo's Entrance Fee - 149Php (i have no idea why lessen a peso.)
Package Ticket (Entrance Fee + Activities) - 399Php

it's really cheaper when you buy the package ticket. that is, if you're up for the activities there.


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