Monday, December 13, 2010

manila is for?

manila is for shopping! haha though, people may say the night life. but i'm not really into that. i'm more of a sunshine person. ^__^

My List for Manila

(1) Zara

this one is in shangrila. eva told me that there are already a number of zaras in manila. i wonder, when will zara reach cebu.

i was amused with this one mommy in zara. i picked a blazer, which is now my necessity at work. she saw me trying it on, in front of a mirror just around the store. she fell in love with the blazer and asked me, "where did you get that?". she then bought the blazer and had it steamed after.

it was the cheapest i found but i didn't like it for it was a bit short. oh well, there's that one great blazer for me out there! ;)

Shangrila Plaza Mall

(2) Forever 21

this one also reminds me of japan. i remember how the jap girls patiently queued for their turn to shop. this indeed becomes a riot on weekends!

Forever 21
SM Megamall

(3) Krispy Kreme

when you happen to go to manila, everybody back home never fails to ask for krispy kreme. so famous as pasalubong that you can equate it with dried mangos or lechon in cebu.

kudos to krispy kreme for they now have the mini doughnuts which are perfect for the numerous friends, colleagues, and loved ones, you may have. 20 minis for 299php.

Krispy Kreme
SM Megamall

(4) Pepper Lunch

my post for pepper lunch is here.


a really short list but could take 6 hours or so. this list could go on and on... especially on the shops not yet in cebu. ;)

so long, manila!

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