Sunday, December 12, 2010

manila day 2: eva got us starbucks

my last day here in the capital. enchanted kingdom was definitely out of the story. i texted my former officemate that i could no longer go with them to enchanted kingdom. santa rosa is way far already and i couldn't afford to miss my plane later that evening.

because my friends and i slept really late, we slept almost half of the day and we were only able to see the sunshine past noon.

good thing, eva got us starbucks. ;)

Starbucks @ The Podium

Me and Trina

Trina and Eva

i had my coffee jelly but it wasn't the jelly that i expected. i remembered starbucks had a coffee jelly edition last summer. i fell in love with that jelly!

anyhow, this was a good way to jumpstart my day. thanks evs for that coffee.

and so off we went from podium to megamall. ;)


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